1, St. Helier to Gorey Pier

Views of two castles, fab coastline and sumptuous seafood restaurants, this is a gem of a Jersey journey!


£2 pay as you go, £2.35 contactless and £2.80 cash. Visitors to the island can benefit from one of the great Discover Jersey passes for 1, 2, 3 or 7 day unlimited travel.

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13 places to visit

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Journey Duration:

30 minutes

Route Frequency:

Every 15

Starting point:

St. Helier Bus Station, Jersey

How to get here

Journey fact:

An obscure fact about Gorey Pier is that during World War II, it served as a strategic naval base for German forces occupying Jersey. The pier's location provided easy access for German ships to dock and unload supplies, reinforcing the island's defences.

Journey Overview

This is a truly absorbing journey that starts with the hustle and bustle of Liberation Square and its neatly trimmed trees in the centre of St. Helier and then within a short ride under the cliff in the tunnel under the rocky terrain at Fort Regent, the bus is alongside the idyllic coastline and on its way to fabulous Gorey Pier.

The old harbour is on the right, but then the bus makes its way along the esplanade beside the Havre Des Pas beach, with its classic seaside shelter and illuminations and small pier. Small seafood restaurants and pastel coloured bed and breakfasts abound as the journey cuts slightly inland and out again, hugging the rocky coastline, a mix of glorious sand and dramatic jagged rocks and boulders, as well as occasional small towers, including the famous La Rocque Tower from 1796 and many palm trees! There’s a few tiny fishing boats moored in the sand, creating a fascinating view. There’s also benches looking out onto the sea, providing a perfect backdrop – this is the ultimate tranquil and reflective, yet spectacular setting.

The bus climbs a slight gradient, whilst perfectly manicured gardens and a range of enchanted looking cottages, stony walls, palatial houses with balconies and folk playing boules are visible from the bus window, so too Royal Jersey Golf Club, with a lovely sculpture of a golfer outside and carpet-like greens, before the bus arrives at Gorey Pier. Above the cliff, the majestic Mont Orgueil Castle is visible and it’s a fun walk up to it. The Castle gazes down below on more colourful buildings which house hotels, boutique shops, restaurants and ice cream parlours – it’s the most relaxing setting to sup a drink or munch some food gazing onto the idyllic sea.

A Fab Day Out!

Start your day in St. Helier, the vibrant capital of Jersey. Begin with a visit to the Central Market, where you can savour a fresh pastry and coffee. Explore the charming streets and make a stop at the Maritime Museum to dive into the island’s seafaring history.

From St. Helier, head east on the bus to Green Island. Enjoy a peaceful stroll along the beach, taking in the scenic coastal views. Continue back on the number 1 bus to Le Hocq, where the historic tower provides a glimpse into Jersey’s military past. A quick stop at Le Bourg lets you appreciate the quaint village atmosphere.

Next, hop back on the bus and visit La Rocque Harbour. Here, the picturesque harbour and tranquil surroundings offer a perfect photo opportunity. Back on-board again and this time arrive in Gorey Pier for lunch at one of the waterside restaurants, indulging in fresh seafood with a view of the castle. After lunch, take a leisurely walk along the pier, exploring local shops and galleries.

In the afternoon, tour Mont Orgueil Castle. Its impressive architecture and panoramic views of the island are breathtaking. Conclude your day with a relaxing drink at a seaside café, reflecting on a day well spent in Jersey’s charming locales.

A wonderful walk!


Here’s a great 1,85 mile walk, courtesy of www.jersey.com providing magnificent views from the heights above St. Hellier harbour across the bay to Noirmont Point.


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