Fabulous customer service is the winning recipe for a wonderful experience.

We know how important it is that customers enjoy a trip that not only has a fascinating view from the window, but also one which is high quality across all aspects – from start to finish!

Relax, you’re in good hands

Accordingly, participant transport operators and their routes are only able to join the ‘Great Scenic Journeys’ collection if they have reached a high level of customer service, as validated and accredited by our customer experience assessors. We recognise that from time to time, things don’t go according to plan, but through achieving accreditation to be part of ‘Great Scenic Journeys’, we hope that, as much as possible, you can be assured that the service provided by transport companies and the routes featured consistently have reached a high standard of service.

Our reviews cover a range of criteria, including:-

A magnifying glass

Ease of finding out information about the service and also ease of ticket purchase.

An information symbol of the lerret 'i'

Available Information regarding destinations and attractions on the journey

A coin with the sterling symbol in the middle

Is the journey good Value for money?

A party emoji of an upturned cone with sparks coming out the end

Fun factor – interest and enlightenment provided on the journey – great places and scenery to see and visit.

A switched on lightbulb coming out of a box

Innovation that has been made to make the experience even better

A toilet with clean sparkles around it

Facilities, including cleanliness – when waiting for the journey and on-board

A cartoon of a man with his thumb up and a voice bubble with a tick showing in it

Friendly staff that rise to the occasion and create a great experience

A semi circle gauge with a smiley face under it. The gauge shows an arrow at the 'nearly full' mark

The company’s commitment to customer service and approach to managing and improving the experience for customers

Continually improving…

Our team are experienced customer service experts and we provide recommendations for transport companies as part of our reviews, so that they can continuously improve the service provided for you. We check in regularly with them to help provide guidance, advice, support and ongoing monitoring. Where routes and companies have not met the criteria, we give them the opportunity to re-apply for an assessment at a future date.

A Premium Journey marked 5 stars for Great Scenic Journeys in the shape of a circular award

Keep an eye out for the premium journey badge

We highlight on this website and other channels, those routes that have achieved the highest level of customer service accreditation.

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