3, St. Helier to Jersey Zoo

Rozel Bay's remarkable scenery and wonderful wildlife at Jersey Zoo, make this a route like no other from scintillating St. Helier!


£2 pay as you go, £2.35 contactless and £2.80 cash. Visitors to the island can benefit from one of the great Discover Jersey passes for 1, 2, 3 or 7 day unlimited travel.

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12 places to visit

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32 minutes

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St. Helier Bus Station, Jersey

How to get here

Journey fact:

Jersey Zoo was originally founded as the "Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust" by Gerald Durrell in 1959. One lesser-known detail is that the zoo's inception was partly inspired by Durrell's experiences and observations during his travels to Cameroon in the 1940s. His encounters with diverse wildlife and his concerns about their conservation sparked his lifelong dedication to establishing a zoo that would focus on breeding endangered species and promoting conservation efforts worldwide.

Journey Overview

Leaving the vibrant and elegant St. Helier behind, the bus passes the pretty Howard Davies Park on the right. Lovely fields emerge as St. Martin’s approaches and St. Martin’s Hall with blooming hanging baskets alongside the eye-catching Parish Hall. The road is a tunnel of trees broken only to unmask a field with cows grazing on the right.

Then, the bus follows a descent and the view becomes spectacular, the winding road, twisting and turning with Rozel Bay and Apple Cottage appearing, waves crashing in and delightful apartments gazing out to the coast and small fishing boats and a petit amusement area. It’s a rare beach of shingles but there’s certainly a picture postcard feel about it!

The view at Rozel Bay onto the sea is made even more compelling by the different coloured houses. The bus meanwhile continues, a steeper incline towards its denouement and Jersey Zoo.

A Fab Day Out!

Start your day in St. Helier, Jersey’s capital, by exploring its vibrant atmosphere and historical landmarks. Begin with a visit to the Central Market, dating back to 1882, where you can browse local produce, crafts, and enjoy a traditional Jersey breakfast at one of the cafes. Next, head to Liberation Square to see the Liberation Statue commemorating Jersey’s freedom from German occupation during World War 2.

Hop on board the bus from Liberation Station to St. Martin’s Village. Take a leisurely stroll through the surrounding countryside before catching the bus onward to Rozel Bay.

In Rozel Bay, relax by the picturesque harbour, known for its fishing boats and charming cottages. Enjoy lunch at the Rozel Pub and Dining – the fish and chips and mushy peas are amazing, so too the other seafood dishes – fresh Jersey great gourmet! After lunch, explore the bay’s walking trails or visit the nearby medieval castle ruins for panoramic views of the coastline.

Finally, get back on board the number 3 to Jersey Zoo, founded by conservationist Gerald Durrell. Spend the afternoon discovering endangered species from around the world in spacious, natural enclosures. Participate in feeding sessions and learn about Durrell’s pioneering conservation work. End your day with a visit to the on-site gift shop, where proceeds support global wildlife conservation efforts.

To return to St. Helier, catch the bus from Jersey Zoo back to Liberation Bus Station, where you can reflect on your day’s adventures and perhaps enjoy dinner at one of St. Helier’s waterfront restaurants, overlooking the marina.

A wonderful walk!

Here’s a great walk courtesy of www.jersey.com

It’s a 20-mile sojourn and a bit hilly but very much the ultimate for stunning views. There’s plenty of places to stop off and get back onto buses if the entire trek isn’t for you – maybe just do a mile or two for a glimpse. Pick up the trail at Jersey Zoo….

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