Liberation Square, which is located next to the Bus Station, in St. Helier is a central and symbolic location in Jersey, steeped in historical significance and vibrant with contemporary life. It stands as a tribute to the island’s liberation from German occupation during World War II, a pivotal event commemorated every year on May 9th, known as Liberation Day.

The square was originally part of the harbour area but was transformed into a public space in 1995 to mark the 50th anniversary of Jersey’s liberation. At its heart is the striking bronze sculpture by Philip Jackson, depicting jubilant islanders holding aloft the Union Jack, capturing the elation and relief felt by Jersey’s residents upon their liberation in 1945. This statue serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience and spirit of the Jersey people.

Today, Liberation Square is a bustling hub where history and modernity intersect. The square is surrounded by historic buildings that house a mix of shops, cafes, and offices, creating a lively atmosphere. The Pomme d’Or Hotel, located adjacent to the square, is particularly notable as it was from its balcony that the liberation of the island was officially announced to the public.

The design of Liberation Square includes a granite paved area with patterns representing the Union Jack, reflecting its historical roots. Flower beds, benches, and public art installations contribute to the square’s welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment. A large water fountain adds to the charm, providing a relaxing backdrop of gentle water sounds amidst the urban setting.

Visitors to Liberation Square can enjoy a variety of activities. The square is a popular gathering place for locals and tourists alike, offering a perfect spot for people-watching or simply soaking up the atmosphere. Numerous cafes and restaurants around the square provide ample opportunities to enjoy a meal or a coffee while taking in the surroundings.

Throughout the year, Liberation Square hosts various events and celebrations, making it a dynamic focal point in St. Helier’s cultural life. During Liberation Day celebrations, the square becomes the epicentre of festivities, with parades, concerts, and re-enactments that draw crowds from all over the island.

Liberation Square is not just a place of historical importance but also a vibrant part of everyday life in St. Helier, offering visitors a chance to connect with Jersey’s past while enjoying the present-day vitality of its capital.


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