9, St. Helier to Greve de Lecq

Potatoes, adventures, exploration and stunning coastal beauty on a bus ride from heavenly St. Helier to great Greve de Lecq!


£2 pay as you go, £2.35 contactless and £2.80 cash. Visitors to the island can benefit from one of the great Discover Jersey passes for 1, 2, 3 or 7 day unlimited travel.

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14 places to visit

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40 minutes

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St. Helier Bus Station, Jersey

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Journey fact:

Greve de Lecq once housed a secret radar station during World War II. This station, hidden within the cliffs, played a crucial role in monitoring enemy aircraft, contributing to the island's strategic defense efforts during the German occupation.

Journey Overview

This thrilling bus journey makes its way blissfully down the seafront out of St. Helier, with stunning views out onto the coast. Perfectly sculptured gardens, with delightful rhododendrons, palm trees and elegant residences dominate the landscape and contented cows grazing in a field before the bus twists and turns its way northwards and past the Jersey Rugby Football Club’s stadium, with small planes round the corner and then the large Airport with its listed main building in view, giving it a real touch of character.

The journey continues with the aMaizin! Adventure Park on the right and then farmland cultivating Jersey Royals potatoes on the opposite side. The Farmer’s Inn looks enticing and so too the hanging baskets and park next door in St. Ouen’s village, with its traditional bandstand in view.

Stone cottages are really eye-catching to glance at out of the bus window, but then its a fairly steep and winding descent, with a glimpse of sea emerging through the trees. The water looks deep blue in colour and the rocks jagged but the yellow sandy beach (with pale and more distinct shades of sand combining) serene and appetizing, as the Seaside Cafe comes into view and so too the Prince of Wales Restaurant, bedecked with blooming flowers and a nice veranda looking out onto the sea and beach huts leftwards along the small promenade. It’s, on the one hand, a dramatic view of a natural coastline with big, domineering cliffs but also a charming, sight of a small coastal location, where folk bathe in the sea and children play with buckets and spades, with ice-cream delights close by. This really is a top notch, terrific journey, one of the very best!

A Fab Day Out!

A fabulous day out on the number 9 bus from St. Helier to Greve de Lecq offers a mix of culture, adventure, and stunning scenery. Start your journey in St. Helier, Jersey’s bustling capital. Visit the vibrant Central Market for fresh produce and local crafts, and don’t miss the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery to delve into the island’s history and culture.

Hop on the number 9 bus and head to St. Peter’s Village. This quaint village is perfect for a leisurely stroll. Explore the historic St. Peter’s Church, a beautiful example of Jersey’s religious architecture, and grab a coffee at one of the charming local cafes.

Next, make your way to aMaizin! Adventure Park, a short ride on the number 9 from St. Peter’s Village. This family-friendly park offers a variety of activities, including go-karting, an amazing maze, and petting zoos. It’s a great spot for children and adults alike to enjoy some outdoor fun.

Continue your journey to St. Ouen’s Village, known for its picturesque countryside and the stunning St. Ouen’s Bay. Take a walk along the bay’s sandy beach, perfect for a relaxing break or a refreshing dip. The village itself is quaint, with traditional stone buildings and a laid-back atmosphere. Visit the local pub for a traditional Jersey lunch.

Finally, arrive at Greve de Lecq, a scenic cove on the north coast of the island. The beach here is one of Jersey’s finest, with golden sands and clear waters. Explore the coastal paths for breathtaking views or visit the Greve de Lecq Barracks, a historical site dating back to the 19th century. Finish your day with a meal at the beachside Prince of Wales restaurant, where the fresh seafood is sumptuous and enjoying the sunset over the bay before catching the number 9 bus back to St. Helier.

A wonderful walk!

This is a fab 7.5 mile moderate terrain walk provided by www.jersey.com  You can join it at Greve de Lecq or maybe start and finish at St. Mary’s Church and finish at St. Mary’s Inn for a pint – both are on the number 7 route from St. Helier. So, potentially, enjoy the 9 but to Greve de Lecq and walk to St. Mary’s Church or Inn and pick the 7 back to St. Helier.


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