7 St. Helier to Devil’s Hole

A delight at Devil's Hole, a coastal blowhole with brilliant views and the denouement of a fascinating, stunning scenic journey.


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12 places to visit

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36 minutes

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St. Helier Bus Station, Jersey

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Devil's Hole was once the site of a shipwreck in the 1850s. The wreckage included a carved wooden figurehead, which was later transformed into a demonic statue placed at the site, amplifying the eerie aura of the location. This statue has since been replaced, but the legend of the Devil's Hole and its connection to maritime history persists.

Journey Overview

As the bus departs from St. Helier, it quickly transitions from urban bustle to serene suburban neighbourhoods, but with the customary elegance – of neat gardens, pastel coloured buildings and palm trees. The initial stretch offers views of historic townhouses and charming shops before reaching the coastal area near First Tower. Here, the scenery opens up to expansive sea views, with the glistening blue of St. Aubin’s Bay contrasting against the rugged coastline.

Continuing past First Tower, the route winds inland, northwards, through lush, green countryside towards St. Lawrence. The road is flanked by rolling hills dotted with quaint cottages and well-tended gardens, offering a picturesque snapshot of rural Jersey life. Approaching St. Lawrence Church, the bus passes through tree-lined avenues, with the church’s historic stone structure standing as a testament to the island’s rich heritage.

As the journey progresses towards Hamptonne Country Life Museum, the landscape becomes more pastoral. The museum itself, nestled within the countryside, is surrounded by traditional farm buildings and verdant fields. This area exudes a sense of tranquillity and timelessness, with scenes reminiscent of Jersey’s agricultural past.

The bus then heads towards St. Mary’s Church, traversing narrow lanes bordered by hedgerows and blooming wildflowers. The church, with its quaint architecture and peaceful churchyard, is set against a backdrop of gently rolling hills and expansive farmland.

Approaching Devil’s Hole, the scenery grows more dramatic. The road meanders through dense woodlands and rocky outcrops before revealing the breathtaking coastal cliff. Here, the Atlantic waves crash against the jagged rocks below, creating a spectacular and somewhat eerie natural amphitheatre that gives Devil’s Hole its name.

The final leg of the journey to St. John’s passes through more serene countryside, with sprawling fields and occasional glimpses of the coastline. St. John’s itself is a charming village with a traditional feel, marked by stone buildings and a sense of community, offering a fitting end to a scenic and varied bus route through Jersey’s diverse landscapes.

A Fab Day Out!

Start your day in St. Helier, Jersey’s bustling capital, where you can explore the charming streets filled with boutique shops and cafes. Grab a coffee and perhaps a local pastry before heading to the bus station. As you board the bus, you’ll enjoy a scenic ride along the coast, with the early morning light reflecting off St. Aubin’s Bay near First Tower.

Continuing your journey, the bus winds through the lush countryside towards St. Lawrence. Here, step off the bus to visit St. Lawrence Church, an architectural gem surrounded by peaceful gardens. After soaking in the tranquil atmosphere, hop back on the bus and head towards Hamptonne Country Museum. Get off at the nearest stop and explore this living museum, which offers a fascinating glimpse into Jersey’s rural history with its restored farm buildings and engaging exhibits. The story of Jersey’s cider-making history is told in the cider barn, or ‘pressoir‘, and in the cider apple orchard, where you’ll learn about the different apple varieties that make Jersey cider the best of its kind.

Back on the bus, travel through picturesque lanes to St. Mary’s Church. The church itself is worth a visit for its quaint charm and historical significance. Take a moment to enjoy the serene surroundings before continuing your journey.

It’s worth getting off the bus at La Mare Wine estate – it’s a ‘must’ for the wine connoisseur! Chocolates, fantastic biscuits, gin, vodka, apple brandy are also made here and so too afternoon teas and lunches are served up! Check out La Mare Wine Estate | Tour & Tastings Experience | Jersey

As you approach Devil’s Hole, get off at the nearest stop, which is the Priory Inn, and follow the signs to this dramatic natural feature. The walk to Devil’s Hole is a short, scenic trek through woodland paths that suddenly open up to reveal the breathtaking view of the rugged cliffs and the powerful Atlantic waves crashing below. Take your time here, enjoying the awe-inspiring landscape and capturing some photos.

Once you’ve had your fill of the dramatic coastal scenery, maybe enjoy a bite to eat or drink at the Priory Inn and then return to the bus for the final leg of your journey to St. John’s and back to St. Helier. St. John’s is a charming village, with its stone buildings and friendly atmosphere. Explore the local shops, perhaps grab a meal at a cosy pub, if you haven’t eaten at the Priory Inn, and soak in the rural ambiance before catching the bus, returning to the hustle and bustle but beauty of St. Helier.

Wonderful Walk

Here’s a great walk suggested by www.jersey.com – it’s a 1.8 mile moderate terrain walk that begins at the Northern tip of Sorel Point, and joins the cliff path heading West for an incredible view of the rugged shoreline, between secluded coves and valleys heading into Mourler Valley and finishing at Devil’s Hole. It can obviously be undertaken in the opposite direction, so disembarking the bus at The Priory Inn, walking to Devil’s Hole and then to Sorel Point and back again!

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