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4, St. Helier to Bonne Nuit Bay and Bouley Bay

Two bays and one bustling brilliant town - a Holy Trinity journey to the tip of North Jersey - Bonne Nuit and Bouley Bays


£2 pay as you go, £2.35 contactless and £2.80 cash. Visitors to the island can benefit from one of the great Discover Jersey passes for 1, 2, 3 or 7 day unlimited travel.

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12 places to visit

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Journey Duration:

49 minutes

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Starting point:

St. Helier Bus Station, Jersey

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Journey fact:

Bonne Nuit Bay was historically a smuggler's haven. In the 18th century, the bay's secluded cove and hidden caves provided perfect cover for illicit trade. The name "Bonne Nuit," meaning "good night," is thought to be a tongue-in-cheek reference to these nocturnal activities.

Journey Overview

The bus leaves St. Helier, passing the delightful bars and cafes around Liberation Square, through the tunnel and up Stopford Road, past the pretty St. Mary’s Church on the right and lovely regency style buildings on the opposite side.

The buildings are an array of colour, pastel, blue, green as the bus goes up Trinity Hill – it’s a slightly winding road, with locally sourced granite walls on one side and foliage on the other – the scenery really is eye-catching and well maintained. The parish of Trinity is entered with farmyards and the lovely St. Francis Art Gallery on the left and the Steam Museum a short walk away. The Holy Trinity Parish Church is very beautiful indeed and as you head out of the village itself the sea appears on the right, with spectacular views over to France.  Winding though this beautiful countryside you then head down the narrow roads and 270 degree hairpin bend into the stunning Bonne Nuit Bay. The bus then heads up the steep incline out of Bonne Buit Bay with the sea disappearing on your left hand side as you head through the idyllic countryside back towards Trinity Village before heading down the winding roads to Bouley Bay.

Waves are crashing is as the bus arrives at Bouley Bay, with lots of body boards visible as the Diving Centre of Jersey is here, so it’s a popular spot for divers to enjoy themselves, close to the small boats bobbing up and down.  The views really are stunning at blissful Bouley Bay, with chalets overlooking the sea. The road winds left and right upwards, past the pretty Undercliff Guest House with its flowers outside and all along the gardens are perfectly tended for and the bus passes granite stoned walls and fields with Jersey bulls camping. The journey has gone full circle and the bus is now on its way back to the bustling St. Helier, with customers reflecting on the incredible coastline views at Bonne Nuit Bay and Bouley Bay, that have made this a real showpiece journey!


A Fab Day Out!

Start your day in the bustling heart of Jersey, St. Helier. Begin with a visit to the Central Market, a Victorian gem filled with fresh produce, flowers, and local crafts. Then, explore the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery to delve into the island’s rich history and culture. Don’t miss Liberation Square, where you can reflect on Jersey’s wartime past.

Catch the bus to Trinity Church, a picturesque parish church that stands as a testament to the island’s spiritual heritage. Spend some quiet moments exploring the church’s beautiful architecture and serene grounds. The adjacent parish hall often hosts local events, providing a glimpse into community life.

Head over to the nearby Trinity Arms for a hearty lunch. This traditional pub offers a cosy atmosphere and a menu filled with local specialties. Enjoy dishes like Jersey bean crock or freshly caught seafood, paired with a pint of local ale.

After lunch, take the bus again, passing by Bonne Nuit Bay on the way, enjoying the fab views from the bus window, though it’s tricky to get off there, so best to stay on until Bouley Bay, which is a charming and secluded beach known for its clear waters and stunning coastal views. Walk along the rugged cliffs for breathtaking panoramas or simply relax on the pebble beach. For the adventurous, Bouley Bay is a popular spot for scuba diving, with several operators offering lessons and equipment rental.

As the day winds down, catch the bus back to St. Helier. Stroll along the waterfront, perhaps enjoying an ice cream as you watch the sunset over St. Aubin’s Bay. Finish your day with dinner at one of the town’s many excellent restaurants, savouring the island’s fresh seafood and local produce.

This itinerary offers a perfect blend of history, local culture, and natural beauty, making for an unforgettable day out on Jersey.

A wonderful walk!

Jersey.com provide a fab 7.6 mile walk which is a great chance to explore the coast line between Bouley Bay and Bonne Nuit as well as the lush  surroundings of Egypt Woods.


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