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Great Scenic Journeys have teamed up with Go Jauntly

There can be few more refreshing, enlightening and enjoyable pastimes than walking and enjoying fabulous scenic journeys by public transport. Devouring the wonderful countryside, exploring the sights and sounds of villages, towns and cities in an environmentally friendly way is just great fun and that’s why we’re so excited at Great Scenic Journeys to have teamed up with GoJauntly.

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An extensive collection of walking routes

GoJauntly is a cutting-edge mobile app and website designed to encourage folk all over the UK to adventure on fascinating walks. Offering an extensive collection of walking routes, discover urban walks, nature trails, historic tours and puzzle hunts all in the app! Like our Great Scenic Journeys, these routes are tried and tested and have been curated by GoJauntly’s expert team.

Combine your GoJauntly experience with Great Scenic Journeys by taking a scenic journey and stopping along the way to take a walk through one of GoJauntly’s many curated walking paths customised to our varying routes. Check out the transport route of your choice on our website and you’ll see where there’s a walk that we’ve featured which we think will make your experience even better! GoJauntly have walks to everyone’s taste – so if it’s a small, glimpse of scenery that you are looking for, or a more ambitious adventure, then there’s no better place to find out more than by downloading their app.

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With over half a million downloads and 40,000 active users. GoJauntly have been awarded the Prestigious Bronze Prize in the Sustainability, Environment and Climate – Innovation category in the Anthem Awards 2022 speaking credit to their outstanding work to help increase walking and mobility amongst their users to better their health mentally and physically. It’s one of 2023’s greatest well-being apps and is available for free for all users on IOS and Android!