Our tips for a day at the Races with Great Scenic Journeys

A £2 bet for a brilliant day!

Fancy a flutter at the races at the end of a fabulous scenic bus ride? Well, here’s the great news – there’s several routes in the magnificent Great Scenic Journeys collection that take lucky punters, sorry customers, to some wonderful, historic horse racing venues.  For horse-racing novices, here’s a few of our fun-filled favourites on bus trips where for a £2 bet you can guarantee great customer service, from these thorough bred bus companies, where it’s a sure thing you’ll never have a mare or a non runner and the odds are you’ll have an amazing time and they’ll be no walkover as there’s so many great routes to choose from!

We’re under starters orders at one of our very own favourites – Newmarket. This awesome pacemaker of a route, the number 12 from Cambridge provided by Stephensons literally feels like it is going right slap bang down the middle of the course with the racecourse on the left and the perfectly manicured Links Golf Club course on the right. Straight ahead is the National Horseracing Museum too which provides a magnificent insight into the history and heritage of this great sport! Meanwhile, look out for the Newmarket Stallion statue on the approach to the track as the bus encircles a roundabout. Established in the early 17th century, the racecourse spans over 2 square miles, it hosts two famous tracks, the Rowley Mile and the July Course, each with its own distinctive charm. What sets Newmarket apart is its unique feature: a row of 50 horse statues, each representing a champion racehorse! To find out more about this stud of a route, go to 12, Cambridge to Newmarket – Great Scenic Journeys

It’s worth taking a jockey westwards, where the going is firm and stepping on board the 801 Pulham’s service that is out of the paddock at Chipping Norton and ventures its way blissfully through the rolling hills, lush fields and idyllic small towns across the Cotswolds to Cheltenham, which is perhaps one of the most renowned National Hunt racing locations. Since opening in 1815, it has hosted the prestigious Cheltenham Festival, attracting top jockeys and horses. Its undulating course, including the challenging Cheltenham Hill, tests the skill and stamina of competitors. Known as the “Home of Jump Racing,” it boasts iconic races like the Gold Cup. Legend has it that during World War II, the racecourse was used as a storage site for valuable treasures, including the Crown Jewels, due to its strategic location away from major cities. Well, scenic thrill-seekers, this route by Pulham’s is a crown jewel so check it out at 801 Cheltenham – Chipping Norton – Great Scenic Journeys


There’s a quadruple bill of Great Scenic Journeys to be devoured at our next venue, in York. Maybe a 75-minute special on the City Sightseeing Tour of York, taking in the marvellous medieval scenery with a race card in hand, before heading straight down to the races. Or perhaps a scenic sojourn from further afield across the North Yorks Moors on the 840 from Whitby or 843 from Scarborough or the very pretty X46/47 that traverses the terrific Yorkshire Wolds from Hull? This really is a right accumulator of a horse racing and Great Scenic Journeys paradise for those who love both. It’s tricky being a judge of the best of these routes, particularly as no one has a handicap. Oh and the number 12 bus from East Yorkshire buses goes right past the racecourse too, check out  Y12 – Monks Cross to Foxwood Lane, via Woodthorpe | East Yorkshire (eastyorkshirebuses.co.uk)

York Racecourse, steeped in rich history dating back to Roman times, is a jewel in British horse racing. Established over 300 years ago, it continues to captivate spectators with its stunning backdrop of the historic city walls. Renowned for its flat racing, including the prestigious Ebor Festival, it attracts top jockeys and horses from around the world. York’s expansive track offers a thrilling test of speed and stamina. In the 18th century, races at York were occasionally interrupted by passing trains, as the track ran alongside a railway line, creating an unusual spectacle for racegoers. Find out the odds and pick a winner from these four routes below…

City Sightseeing Tour of York – Great Scenic Journeys

Coastliner 840 Leeds – York – Whitby – Great Scenic Journeys

Coastliner 843 Leeds – York – Scarborough – Great Scenic Journeys

X46/7, York to Hull – Great Scenic Journeys

The X46/47 isn’t just a great gateway to York Races but the bus goes on a steeplechase straight past the delightful Beverley Racecourse which continues to host thrilling flat racing events. In the late 21st century, Beverley Racecourse became the first track to introduce holographic jockeys, captivating spectators with their lifelike appearances and enhancing the racing experience. Despite technological advancements, the course remains dedicated to honouring its rich heritage while embracing innovation in the world of horse racing. Be sure, to return to the bookies and check the odds out on X46/7, York to Hull – Great Scenic Journeys

Westwards we go, close to the Welsh border in Chester and the home of the wonderful Arriva number 1 from Wrexham from Wrexham as well as the Traws Cymru T8 from Corwen. It’s a photo finish to work out which route is the best! Chester Racecourse, steeped in over 450 years of history, stands as one of the oldest racecourses in the world. Established in the early 16th century, its charming setting within the ancient city walls adds to its allure. Known for its tight turns and short straight, the course demands tactical expertise from jockeys, making for thrilling flat racing. Over the centuries, it has hosted prestigious events such as the Chester Cup. In the 18th century, Chester Racecourse was home to the bizarre “Water Jump Stakes,” where horses had to navigate a water-filled ditch, adding an unexpected challenge to the races. These two routes are vying for the best turned out award, so be sure to check them out at

1 Wrexham – Chester – Great Scenic Journeys

T8 Chester – Corwen – Great Scenic Journeys

To the East Midlands we gallop and approaching the final furlong, we now find ourselves at an epicentre for Great Scenic Journeys in Nottingham, with the Nottingham City Transport 1 from Loughborough and 26 from Southwell, as well as Stagecoach’s Sherwood Arrow which links Nottingham with Worksop and Retford. It’s a steward’s enquiry to pick a winner from these routes as they’re all captivating with charming customer service too!

Nottingham Racecourse was established in 1892 and charms spectators with its picturesque setting and thrilling flat racing events. Nestled within Colwick Park, it boasts a track renowned for its undulating terrain, providing an exhilarating challenge for jockeys and horses alike. Over the decades, Nottingham has hosted numerous prestigious races, captivating racing enthusiasts from near and far. In the early 20th century, Nottingham Racecourse gained fame for its unusual tradition of holding annual ‘fancy dress’ race days, where spectators and even jockeys would participate in races adorned in eccentric costumes, adding a whimsical touch to the racing calendar. Of course, the ultimate Great Scenic Journey for fans of the gee-gees is the 26, because Southwell is also a fab horse racing venue – two tracks within 40 minutes of each other and only one lovely bus! Log onto these links below to find out more about the triple crown….

1 Nottingham to Loughborough – Great Scenic Journeys

26, Nottingham to Southwell – Great Scenic Journeys

Sherwood Arrow – Great Scenic Journeys

Onto the home straight now and for some regal fun, head down to London and catch the London Line, Windsor Express, operated by Reading Buses, to Windsor!

Windsor Racecourse, situated in Berkshire boasts a rich history dating back to 1866. Initially opened by Queen Victoria, it’s renowned for its picturesque setting along the River Thames and the idyllic Dorney Lake. Hosting both flat and jumps racing, Windsor offers thrilling events throughout the racing calendar. With its scenic backdrop and close proximity to Windsor Castle, it attracts visitors from far and wide. In 1926, Windsor Racecourse was used as a location for the filming of the iconic movie “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” starring Douglas Fairbanks. This historical gem continues to enchant racing enthusiasts with its charm and heritage. To find out the rating on this royal shindig of a journey to Windsor go to…. The London Line 702 – Great Scenic Journeys

All in all, there’s no better way than hitting the jackpot by getting on-board some of these fantastic Great Scenic Journeys for some horse-racing fun. A day at the races and the best view of the scenery from a bus – it doesn’t get much better than this and there’s no shortening of odds as all these routes are simply magic! Saddle up and get on board, then collect your winnings!