X46/7, York to Hull

A feast of fascination as time stands still but the bus keeps moving. Marvellous medieval York gives way to timeless villages and small towns across the sumptuous Yorkshire Wold - a journey of minsters and market places before modernity arrives in Hull, a city of contrasts, though with its fab old town and much more!


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12 places to visit

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2 hours, 18 minutes

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Every 30 minutes

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York Railway Station (Stop RC)

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In Beverley, there exists an unusual tradition known as the "Beverley Barum Top Ceremony." Dating back to the 17th century, this quirky event involves the Mayor and town officials parading through the streets carrying a symbolic top hat filled with sweets and coins. The hat is then thrown to the crowds below, who eagerly scramble to catch the treats. This eccentric tradition is said to have originated as a way to distribute charity to the townspeople, but today it serves as a fun and light hearted celebration of Beverley's unique heritage.

Journey Overview

This is a journey where customers are treated to an ever-changing view from the window. It’s captivating from the start at York Railway Station as the bus meanders its way through the historic streets of this medieval city, with great views of the famous Minster in the background.

Over the River Ouse, the bus makes its way, then in a loop, passing the scary but famous York Dungeon attraction, the watchful York Castle, elevated on a grass mound and with the trees from Tower Gardens on the right. The bus curves round to conclude its 270 degree loop by crossing over the River Foss, not once but three times before finding its way beyond the enclaves of the protective, but eye-catching city walls.

York has been left behind, with all its allure, history and sense of occasion and historic terraced houses give way to open fields, farmland and wooded areas as the bus sets its sights on Hull.

Pretty villages are traversed and the bus crosses Kexby Bridge, over the lovely River Derwent with the scenery giving way to more expansive views of rolling Yorkshire countryside either side of the road. Quaint villages of Wilberfoss, with its beautiful 12th Century church and Barmby Moor, with traditional stone cottages, pubs and greens, exude a timeless vibe. The views of the undulating, rolling Yorkshire Wolds are fantastic as the bus progresses towards Pocklington, a five minute walk from the delightful Burnby Hall Gardens and Museum.

The scenery gets even better as Bishop Burton approaches with trees gathering on the left at the sprawling but very pretty Bishop Burton College. A lovely duck pond emerges on the right and then a bit further on, over the roundabout the huge, nicely trimmed, wide open pastures of the famous Beverley Racecourse.

Into Beverley town the bus makes its way, with its famous market cross in the centre and the beautiful Beverley Minster visible from the bus. Well may the scenery have become more urbanised but it’s still eye-catching. The built-up nature of the journey is only brief, as we’re soon plunged into green fields as the bus heads southwards, with pleasant views on the left of the Beverley Parks Nature Reserve in the distance.

Finally, Hull approaches and the landscape becomes even more varied, a mish-mash of different architectural styles, an infusion of modern with Georgian and Victorian grandeur – it’s a real patchwork of styles. The sense of anticipation is palpable on-board as the bus gets closer to this eclectic city, with its mix of independent and designer shops, as well as traditional and upmarket places to eat as well as great nightlife. Hull’s very different to York but both are bursting with energy and life and like this journey, full of fascination. The X46/47 is a real treat.


A Fab Day Out!

There’s so much to see and do in York, even before getting on board the bus. A whirlwind tour can be enjoyed on the City Sightseeing Tour which is also a Great Scenic Journey – check out City Sightseeing Tour of York – Great Scenic Journeys

If you’d prefer a peruse on foot, then no trip to this incredible medieval City is complete without a visit to the magnificent York Minster, there’s plenty to explore before hopping on the bus to Hull. Make some time to dive into York’s rich history by visiting attractions like the Jorvik Viking Centre, the Shambles, and the National Railway Museum, which is just the other side of the bridge close to where the bus can be picked up at York Railway Station. Take a leisurely stroll along the city walls for picturesque views of the cityscape.

As you journey towards Hull, its worth stopping off in Pocklington, a charming market town nestled in the picturesque Yorkshire Wolds. Explore the Burnby Hall Gardens, home to beautiful lakes and vibrant flora, or delve into local history at the Pocklington Arts Centre. Maybe stop off at Bishop Burton, an idyllic village in a sumptuous setting! The Altisidora is worth a pint or bite to eat here – it’s a lovely whitewashed country pub set in a lovely 15th century collection of buildings.

Next, venture to Beverley, a quaint town famous for its stunning Minster and bustling market. Wander through Beverley’s cobbled streets lined with Georgian and Victorian architecture, and visit the Beverley Guildhall or the Beverley Treasure House for a glimpse into its past.

Finally, arrive in Hull, a vibrant waterfront city with a rich maritime heritage. Explore the award-winning aquarium, The Deep, to discover marine life from around the world. Stroll along the Marina, lined with trendy bars and restaurants, or visit the historic Old Town with its cobbled streets and iconic landmarks like Hull Minster and the Streetlife Museum.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Hull’s cultural scene, with museums like the Ferens Art Gallery showcasing works spanning centuries, or catch a performance at Hull Truck Theatre. With its blend of history, culture, and contemporary attractions, Hull offers a diverse experience for visitors of all interests. And if you like football or rugby, then maybe check out a game, cheering on Hull City F.C. or the two Rugby League teams, Hull Kingston Rover or Hull FC. All three teams play their matches (not at the same time!) at the KC Stadium on the outskirts of the City Centre, approximately 25 minutes walk from the Bus Station or served by many buses, including the 63. Check out below, a range of great attractions for a fab day out or longer stay wrapped around this wonderful bus journey across blissful East Yorkshire!

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