26, Nottingham to Southwell

Castle to Minster - a vibrant route through Nottinghamshire's finest!

Castle to Minster - a vibrant route through Nottinghamshire's finest!


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40 minutes

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Nottingham is home to the oldest inn in England, 'Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem', which is said to have been established in 1189 and is carved into the rocks beneath Nottingham Castle.

Journey Overview

This is a journey that starts in the cultural melting pot and bright lights of Nottingham and ends in the rustic and tranquil charm of classic Notts countryside, a paradise straddling one of the most vibrant, eclectic cities in Europe with its incredible nightlife!

Leaving the urban bustle of Nottingham, the route ventures through Sneinton, revealing glimpses of vibrant street life, pretty, well-kept terraced houses and historic architecture. Moving into Carlton and Gedling, the scenery transforms into a mix of residential neighbourhoods and green spaces. Burton Joyce and Lowdham offer a tranquil rural ambiance, with the bus meandering through charming villages surrounded by fields and woods. Look out for the lovely St. Helen’s Burton Joyce Church with its elegant spire and the delightful, white-bricked Cross Keys public house.

Approaching Southwell, the delightful green fields and country landscape gives way to the gradual emergence of the stunning medieval cathedral of the Minster in the distance, against the backdrop of this quaint town with its hive of independent shops, visible from the window of the bus, which also passes close by to Southwell Rugby Club and the local leisure centre.

This is a journey that captures the essence of Nottinghamshire, showcasing a harmonious blend of city-life, with rural beauty, making it a scenic and captivating bus route, with the most varied of landscapes – all packed into an entrancing, invigorating 50 minutes!


A Fab Day Out!

Nottingham, a city steeped in history, invites exploration of the Nottingham Castle, renowned for its medieval architecture and panoramic views. It’s worth checking out before getting on board the bus

The iconic Nottingham Castle stands proudly, housing art galleries, medieval artifacts, and lush gardens. Nearby, the Old Market Square, one of the largest in the UK, hosts events, markets, and outdoor performances.

Shopping enthusiasts can explore the the Victoria Centre, home to a variety of high-street and designer stores. The Lace Market, a historic area, showcases Nottingham’s lace-making heritage with its cobbled streets and trendy boutiques. The city also boasts the contemporary architecture of the Nottingham Contemporary, an art gallery featuring cutting-edge exhibitions.

For a taste of history, St. Mary’s Church and the Robin Hood Statue are must-see landmarks. Nottingham’s literary legacy is celebrated at the Bromley House Library, one of the oldest subscription libraries in the country. Additionally, the National Justice Museum, housed in the historic Shire Hall, provides a fascinating insight into the legal history of the region.

Nottingham is a paradise for sports afficionados with Nottingham Forest and Notts County situated almost side by side and playing football in the Premier League and League 2 respectively, whilst nestled next door is Trent Bridge, a cricketing test venue and home to Nottinghamshire. Meanwhile, in the City Centre, the Nottingham Panthers are one of the most successful ice-hockey teams in the UK!

Food lovers can explore diverse culinary offerings in Hockley, known for its independent cafes and restaurants. Nottingham City Centre thus seamlessly blends the old and the new, ensuring a dynamic experience for those exploring its rich cultural tapestry.

Sneinton offers a cultural treat with its vibrant market, showcasing local crafts and delicacies. Moving through Carlton and Gedling, one can explore Colwick Country Park, a scenic retreat featuring lakes and nature trails.

As the bus ventures into Burton Joyce, the picturesque riverside beckons, providing a peaceful escape. Lowdham, a quaint village, boasts charming tearooms and antique shops for a delightful stroll. Lowdham Village Hall is a focal point for community events, including the renowned Lowdham Book Festival, attracting book-lovers aplenty!

Southwell Minster, the final destination, stands as a masterpiece of medieval architecture. Customers can immerse themselves in the cathedral’s grandeur and explore the historic Southwell Workhouse, offering insights into Victorian life. The town’s cobbled streets and independent shops add to its picturesque charm. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy scenic walks along the River Greet, while art lovers may appreciate the exhibitions at the Saracen’s Head Gallery.

Explore the stunning Chapter House, and if you time it right, you might even catch the Minster’s choir in action. The town is also famous for the Southwell Workhouse, a well-preserved testament to Victorian social history.


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