12, Cambridge to Newmarket

From world famous heritage to horse racing folklore, this is a bus route of dreams, with so much to offer!


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37 minutes

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Cambridge Drummer Street Bus Station

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In the early 12th century, during the reign of Henry I, Newmarket hosted races known as "Newmarket Heath" races. These races were organized by local nobility and were held on the open heathland that surrounded the town. The races attracted participants from various parts of the country and contributed to the town's burgeoning reputation as a hub for equestrian pursuits.

Journey Overview

The adventure starts at Drummer Street Bus Station which is set between a lovely green open space, where blossom tress and daffodils flourish in Spring and upmarket boutique shops and trends restaurants. Regency buildings are passed as the bus makes its way, alongside the famous Parker Street green, home to a Ferris Wheel and occasional circus.

The bus then  joins Newmarket Road and passes a large retail park and Cambridge United Football Club’s ground. Very soon, suburban Cambridge gives way to expansive views on both sides of the bus of green fields and farmland. The village of Bottisham appears with quaint white houses, resplendent with well-manicured gardens and a lovely pink coloured Bell pub on the corner, as well as a thatched cottage and pastel coloured homes. Bottisham really is a work of beauty.

Newmarket approaches, with the eye-catching Newmarket Stallion statue in the  middle of the road and then the famous race course is on the left – it’s an amazing view with green land out of the window on either side of the bus, framed by neatly trimmed hedges. Even on the right, the grass is so well cut, it’s as if it is part of the racecourse, but it is in fact a golf course! The grand stand looks small by comparison to the sheer size of the course and just beyond it, houses and buildings appear, including the modern-looking Bill Tutte Memorial, as Newmarket approaches. There’s an array of pubs either side of the road, as well as the Ark Nightclub and the Horse Racing Museum on the right as well as a very large, but traditional, old-fashioned post office. The bus makes its way to the end of the High Street and there’s a great view of the Queen Victoria Jubilee Clock Tower at the end, just as a left turning is made into the Bus Station, which is part of the Guineas Shopping Centre, with its range of classic chains, independent shops and a small market – a perfect denouement to an invigorating journey.

A Fab Day Out!

Before boarding the bus, it’s worth getting a real glimpse of the incredible Cambridge and being immersed in the culture and vibe. Maybe visit the  King’s College or Trinity College to soak up the academic atmosphere, admiring their historic buildings and tranquil courtyards. Stroll along the picturesque backs of the River Cam, passing by the renowned Bridge of Sighs.

Wander through the bustling streets, where you can explore the vibrant market square, browse local boutiques, and sample delicious treats from artisanal food stalls. Don’t miss the chance to marvel at the grandeur of the Fitzwilliam Museum, housing a remarkable collection of art and antiquities. For a moment of serenity, escape to the peaceful Botanic Garden, or enjoy a leisurely punt along the River Cam – maybe even a picnic in the green land next to the Bus Station, known as Christ’s Pieces.

Get on-board the bus and enjoy the ride as far as Bottisham village, where it’s well worth alighting and soaking up the classic, charming rural ambiance. Admire the quaint cottages, visit the local shops or pubs.

Then it’s back on-board, all the way to Newmarket, where there’s plenty to see and do. First off and a visit to the National Horseracing Museum is a ‘must’, where you can delve into the fascinating history of thoroughbred racing through interactive exhibits, artifacts, and multimedia displays.

Next, take a tour of the prestigious Jockey Club Rooms, a private members’ club steeped in tradition and elegance. Marvel at its historic architecture and priceless collection of racing memorabilia while learning about the club’s pivotal role in shaping the sport.

For a taste of the adrenaline-pumping action that defines Newmarket, head to the famous Newmarket Racecourses. Whether you’re attending a race day or taking a behind-the-scenes tour, you’ll witness the thundering hooves of majestic thoroughbreds as they compete on the track.

Afterwards, wander through the picturesque streets of Newmarket’s town centre, lined with charming shops, cafes, and galleries. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Tattersalls Auction House, where some of the world’s most valuable racehorses are bought and sold.

Meanwhile, for a tranquil escape, venture into the serene landscapes of Warren Hill or the expansive Newmarket Heath, where you can enjoy leisurely walks or picnics amidst breathtaking scenery.

Finally, your Newmarket adventure can be rounded off with a visit to the fascinating National Stud, where you can tour the immaculate grounds and meet the magnificent stallions, mares, and foals that contribute to the future of the racing industry.

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