Rozel Bay, a quaint fishing village on Jersey’s northeastern coast, offers a charming mix of scenic beauty and delightful activities. The bay is renowned for its picturesque harbor, lined with colorful fishing boats and traditional cottages, creating a postcard-worthy setting.

Start your visit with a stroll along the harbor, where you can watch local fishermen at work and enjoy the serene coastal views. The bay’s rocky beach is perfect for exploring rock pools and discovering marine life during low tide, making it a fun activity for families and nature enthusiasts.

For dining, the Rozel Bay Pub and Dining is a must-visit. This charming pub offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a menu that highlights local produce and fresh seafood. Enjoy a delicious meal on the outdoor terrace with stunning views of the bay or cozy up inside by the fireplace. Signature dishes include fresh Jersey oysters, locally caught fish, and traditional pub fare with a gourmet twist.

Nearby, visit the historic White Rock, a natural landmark with panoramic views of the coastline. For a leisurely walk, follow the coastal paths that offer breathtaking vistas and lead to hidden coves and beaches.

Rozel Bay is also a great spot for kayaking and paddleboarding, providing an active way to explore the scenic waters. Whether you’re dining on local delicacies, exploring the natural landscape, or simply soaking in the tranquil ambiance, Rozel Bay offers a delightful escape in Jersey.

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