Jersey Zoo, also known as Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, offers a captivating day out for wildlife enthusiasts. Founded by Gerald Durrell in 1959, the zoo focuses on conservation and is home to over 130 species, many of which are endangered.

Upon entering, visit the lush Gorilla Enclosure, where you can observe these magnificent creatures in a naturalistic setting. Nearby, the Andean Bear enclosure showcases the zoo’s success in breeding this vulnerable species. The Reptile and Amphibian House is another highlight, featuring rare species like the golden mantella frog and the Galápagos tortoise.

Don’t miss the cloud forest exhibit, home to various species of tamarins and marmosets. The orangutan and gibbon enclosures offer thrilling views of these agile primates swinging through trees. The Butterfly House, a tropical haven filled with vibrant butterflies, provides a serene break from the larger animal exhibits.

Interactive feeding sessions and keeper talks are scheduled throughout the day, providing insights into the animals’ diets, behaviors, and conservation statuses. For a more immersive experience, consider booking an animal encounter or behind-the-scenes tour.

Children will enjoy the play areas and the discovery house, which offers hands-on exhibits and activities. The on-site café serves a range of refreshments and meals, emphasizing locally sourced ingredients.

With its emphasis on conservation and education, Jersey Zoo provides a meaningful and enjoyable experience, fostering a deeper appreciation for wildlife and the efforts to protect it.

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