Marvellous, magical Malton on the 840 and 843

Situated in the heart of Yorkshire lies a town whose allure often escapes the casual scenic thrill seeker’s radar. Malton, a picturesque town steeped in history and charm, is a haven waiting to be discovered. As you embark on a journey through its cobblestone streets and lush green landscapes, prepare to be captivated by its delights and surprises at every turn. What’s more, its the gateway for unbelievable scenic destinations and adventures by bus across North Yorkshire, situated on the 840 and 843 Coastliner routes, between Leeds, York and Malton and onwards (on the 840) to Whitby and to Scarborough (on the 843).

A Tapestry of Attractions

Malton’s rich tapestry of attractions offers something for every fun-loving scenic journey fan – from history enthusiasts to culinary connoisseurs. History buffs will be enchanted by the town’s historic architecture, including the elegant Malton Museum, which showcases artifacts spanning centuries of local history. Take a leisurely stroll along the River Derwent and immerse yourself in the tranquil, sedate beauty of the surrounding countryside, or explore the majestic ruins of Malton Castle, a testament to the town’s medieval past.

The Old Lodge Hotel and Restaurant is a 17th Century Tudor mansion and well worth a visit, maybe for a peruse round or overnight stay or to sample its award-winning culinary delights. It is situated in the town centre, overlooking the beautiful Castle Gardens. With its meticulously manicured lawns, vibrant flowerbeds, and tranquil water features, the Gardens, which comprise 3 acres, offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Visitors can wander through winding pathways lined with majestic trees, taking in panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Back in time, though and the Roman Fort at Malton was the heart of the Roman Settlement and the reason that it existed in the first place. It was located on the north side of the River Derwent, and the lines of its defences can be seen today in Orchard Fields. It’s worth a wander over here just to soak in the ambience and pleasant scenery.

For those with a penchant for gastronomic delights, Malton’s reputation as “Yorkshire’s Food Capital” is well deserved. Indulge your senses at the famous Malton Food Lovers Festival, where artisan producers, chefs, and food enthusiasts come together to celebrate the region’s culinary heritage. From traditional Yorkshire fare to international cuisine, the festival offers a tantalizing array of flavours to satisfy every palate.

Culinary top spot for Yorkshire!

Despite its modest size, Malton boasts a legacy of achievement that belies its humble origins. The town’s thriving agricultural industry has been a cornerstone of its economy for centuries, earning it the moniker “the Food Capital of Yorkshire.” Malton’s fertile soil and favourable climate have nurtured generations of farmers, whose dedication and hard work continue to yield bountiful harvests year after year.

In addition to its agricultural prowess, Malton has also made significant contributions to industry and innovation. The town’s historic market square was once a bustling hub of commerce, where merchants from far and wide would gather to trade goods and conduct business. Today, Malton remains a vibrant hive of activity, with a burgeoning arts scene and a thriving community of artisans and craftsmen, as well as boasting a bustling and eclectic market.

Scenic Splendour

Surrounded by rolling hills, limescale terrains on the Moors and lush green valleys, Malton is blessed with some of the most jaw-dropping scenery in Yorkshire. The nearby North York Moors National Park offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, from hiking and cycling to birdwatching and wildlife spotting. Lose yourself in the tranquil beauty of the countryside as you explore winding footpaths and ancient woodlands teeming with life.

For those seeking a taste of adventure, the rugged coastline of the Yorkshire coast is just a bus ride away on the 840 to Whitby or 843 to Scarborough. Both these places have amazing beaches but they are also the gateway by bus to hidden coves and sandy coastlines, perfect for sunbathing and swimming, where you can soak up the sun and breathe in the salty sea air. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a leisurely wanderer, Malton and its surrounding countryside offer a myriad of experiences to delight and inspire. Of course, for folk who enjoy the classic capers and japery of seaside life, then Scarborough seafront, with its big wheel and amusement arcades offers thrills and spills aplenty.

Behind Malton’s quaint facade lies a treasure trove of quirky facts and hidden gems waiting to be uncovered. Malton is home to the world’s oldest continuously operating horse racing venue. The Malton Races, which date back to the 17th century, continue to attract equestrian enthusiasts from far and wide with their thrilling displays of speed and skill.

Malton has also played host to a number of famous faces over the years, from literary giants to Hollywood stars. Author Charles Dickens was a frequent visitor to the town, drawing inspiration from its bustling streets and colourful characters for his novels. More recently and not surprising given it is “Yorkshire’s Food Capital”, Malton has become a favourite destination for foodies and celebrity chefs, with renowned cooks such as James Martin and Tommy Banks singing the town’s praises and championing its culinary delights.

This really is an incredible, award-winning town on an award winning bus route, by the customer centric Coastliner, part of the Blazefield company, where its customer-centricity is renowned across the UK! At the heart of some fantastic bus services and places to visit in North Yorkshire, Malton is an ideal stop-off on a scenic sojourn or a fab based for a staycation. It’s such a fantastic hub, it could claim to be “Yorkshire’s Scenic Bus Journeys” capital, but with so many other candidates, in this beautiful part of the UK, we’ll leave that debate for another day!

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