Rocky’s open toppers top the bill in scintillating Skegness

A Coastal Cameo

It’s like Candy, it really is on the amazing Stagecoach Skegness Seasiders open top bus, where every stop is a treat and delight, with a fab attraction to visit and each bus has a nickname and a sticker to collect from the driver. Rocky’s the leader, though, the top dude and he keeps all the other buses in order, on time and working hard to delight customers – the rest of the team line up includes Candy, Milly, Pierre, Rolly, Salty, Sandy, Scoop , Shelley, Sunny and Sweetie. It’s crazy really, a bit crackers, but then again this bus route is too, so also Skegness – not classic ‘kiss me quick’ seaside destination, with coastal capers and fun-packed frivolity.

Whirlwind windy whizz round Skegness with time to stop off!

The joy of an open top bus ride is not just the breeze from the sea and whiff of salt or topping up the tan on your bonce when the sun is out – but it’s also about being able to ram-cram in as many places to see and visit all in a whirlwind 30 minutes or, as many do, enjoy the ride and make a note of where to hop on and off when they return a few hours or day later to explore all the sights. And, in Skegness, there’s thrills aplenty in a compact space – all to be devoured!

Let’s give a glimpse of some of our favourite fab places to see on this barnstorming, wacky and enlightening bus ride like no other, mixing thumping rollercoaster rollicks with somewhat sedate but classic Lincolnshire beauty and heritage. We’ll start in sedate fashion with Church Farm Museum  which is a captivating heritage site showcasing rural life in Lincolnshire. Set in a restored 18th-century farmhouse, it features period rooms, agricultural exhibits, and traditional crafts. Visitors can explore the farmhouse, see vintage farming equipment, and engage with interactive displays. The museum’s grounds include a Victorian walled garden, orchard, and livestock, providing a glimpse into historic farming practices. Special events, workshops, and educational programs enrich the experience, making it a vibrant destination for families and history enthusiasts alike.

Continuing in our comparatively sedentary feel, we’re off to Tower Gardens – a picturesque public park offering a serene escape within the bustling seaside town. Established in the early 20th century, the gardens feature beautifully landscaped flower beds, verdant lawns, and charming walkways. Scenic sojourners can enjoy the central ornamental fountain, a children’s play area, and various sculptures. The park is also home to the Tower Gardens Pavilion, a community hub hosting events and activities.

The Boating Lake is a delightful attraction located near the seafront, offering a scenic and tranquil spot for ‘r and r’. Surrounded by well-maintained gardens and lush greenery, the lake provides folk with the opportunity to rent pedal boats and rowboats, perfect for a leisurely glide across the water. The area is also a haven for wildlife, with ducks and swans often seen gracing the lake. Nearby, there’s a lovely café, seating areas, and a playground, making it an ideal destination for families and nature lovers looking to unwind and enjoy the outdoors.

Pier pleasures galore and Jolly Roger

Now, we’ll up the tempo a little and it’s at Jolly Roger Golf which is a themed miniature golf course offering fun for all ages. Featuring pirate-themed obstacles, vibrant decor, and challenging holes, it provides an entertaining adventure. Located near the seafront, it’s a popular attraction for families and groups seeking a playful and titillating, engaging, fun-packed outing.

After crazy golf, it’s the right time to check out the Pleasure Beach – a vibrant amusement park offering a variety of rides and attractions for all ages. Located along the bustling seafront, it features thrilling roller coasters, classic fairground rides, and family-friendly attractions. Hell-raising fun can be had in the bumper cars, or on the Ferris wheel with stunning views, and a range of arcade games. Food stalls and kiosks offer traditional seaside treats, adding to the festive atmosphere. This place is all about innocent pleasure – timeless seaside fun, harking back to a bygone era but fantastically still going strong into 2024!

It’s onto the Pier, which was opened in 1881 and is an historic and iconic landmark stretching into the North Sea. Originally 1,817 feet long, it was once the fourth longest in England, though storms have since shortened it. Today, it features a variety of attractions, including an amusement arcade, ten-pin bowling, laser tag, and escape rooms. The pier offers panoramic sea views, as shown in this fab photo below, and a café for refreshments. A quirky fact is that it once hosted a pavilion at the pierhead, where Victorian visitors enjoyed concerts and events.

Sealed in Skegness

Back to calmer, but still captivating, shores and Natureland Seal Sanctuary is a renowned wildlife rescue centre dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned seals. Visitors can observe seals being nursed back to health and enjoy informative feeding sessions. The sanctuary also houses an array of other animals, including penguins, meerkats, alpacas, and tropical butterflies.

This alternating thrills and spills with relaxation and nature is a rollercoaster of a ride and that’s what folk find at Fantasy Island, a vibrant amusement park and market offering a mix of thrilling rides and family-friendly attractions. Known for its towering roller coasters, including the Millennium and Odyssey, the park delivers adrenaline-pumping experiences. Younger visitors enjoy gentler rides and themed areas. The site also features Europe’s largest seven-day market, with a variety of stalls selling goods from fashion to food. Indoor attractions, such as an arcade and more adventure golf, provide fun regardless of the weather.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch and Animal Farm is a family-friendly attraction offering an interactive experience with a variety of farm animals. Visitors can meet and feed animals such as goats, sheep, pigs, and rabbits, fostering a hands-on learning environment. The farm also features tractor rides, a petting zoo, and an adventure playground, ensuring fun for children and adults alike. Seasonal activities, like lamb feeding in spring, enhance the educational experience. The Farm is set in lovely surroundings, resplendent of the becalming side of Lincolnshire countryside – where the scenery may be flat, but it still has eye-catching beauty.

Alf, Wallace and Elephants

With so much to check out, it’s little wonder that Skegness has been a magnet for pleasure-seekers and the inspiration for the famous – enjoying connections with several notable individuals. Notably, Wallace Hartley, the bandmaster of the Titanic, once worked in the town, adding a historical touch to its legacy. Skegness is also linked to the famous poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson, who hailed from nearby Somersby and drew inspiration from the Lincolnshire coast. Additionally, the town has associations with the celebrated artist and illustrator David McKee, known for his Mr. Benn and Elmer the Elephant books.

This has been a whistlestop tour and don’t forget that you can also check out iconic Butlins, Jump Warriors Trampoline Park, Water Meadows Carp Fishery, Lakeside Leisure, Chapel Point Cafe and Beach, North Sea Observatory and many more fab locations on this wacky trip.

Rocky rocks Skeggy with super Stagecoach

Rocky and his mates stylishly unlock and showcase the delights and treats of Skegness, like no other in their compact, enlightening, open-top exploration – let them host you and lift the lid on this amazing seaside town. To plan your adventure, check out…

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