Pulses racing & hearts quivering on Great Scenic Journeys

As Valentine’s Day beckons, here’s the second in our series where we spread the love about some of the most romantic Great Scenic Journeys. There’s no more loving a treat than a journey on-board a bus and with so many heart throb routes to devour, there’s something for everyone. Check out today’s favourites…


Purrfect paradise for lovers on the Cheshire CAT 9

This is a romantic route from Warrington to Northwich that penetrates the heart of classic Cheshire and football’s wives territory. Watch out for WAGS on board the CAT 9 as you saunter through languid countryside, palatial residences, pretty villages with trimmed hedges, past ‘off the beaten track’ intimate pubs and grand stately homes, including the enchanted Marbury Park – the scene of many a hand-holding romantic walk. You’ll feel like the cat that caught the cream arriving at charming Northwich, with a sense of occasion as the bus overlooks the serene River Weaver before the sight of many gorgeous Tudor beamed buildings restored to their original beauty. These create an idyllic romantic backdrop ahead of an intimate meal in one of the many candle-lit restaurants that serve up delectable haut cuisine. Maybe impress your beloved with some high brow culture at then Northwich Museum and Art Galley. Whatever your penchant, a trip on Cheshire’s finest, the CAT 9 will leave you and your loved one purring for more. Thankfully, your appetite will be sated by a blissful return trip with a particular highlight being the awe inspiring Warrington Bridge entrance to Warrington as the bus traverses the River Mersey, providing a memorable and grand finale to your Valentine’s treat! This is a racy route that is easy to get to by train from Scotland, London, North Wales and the Midlands to Warrington Bank Quay where the bus stops opposite the station!

CAT 9/9A Warrington – Northwich – Great Scenic Journeys

Bright Bus puts the spark back

Shared experiences are what it’s all about and a mystical awakening that plunges lovers into the historical streets of Edinburgh with arousing, narrated tales of bygone past and the pulsating present sets many a heart fluttering in this most atmospheric of cities. You’ll be clutching your lover hard with each twist and turn of this Bright Bus City Tour of Edinburgh. It is an invigorating whirlwind lid-lifting 96 minutes’ extravaganza of castles, palaces, distilleries, regal parks and the eclectic vibe of Edinburgh, of bagpipes, rock bands, stand up comedians and barnstorming dance floors where romantic encounters are unlocked. This is an adventure that is the brightest precursor to a climactic candlelit dinner for two, maybe with some seductive haggis to strengthen that authentic bond, later on in one of the many secluded restaurants that are close to a tour that delves deep into the heart of Edinburgh like no other.

Bright Bus Edinburgh Britannia Tour – Great Scenic Journeys


Romantic Tales of Canterbury on the Stagecoach 16

The Garden of England is where the fruits of love can be cultivated like no other. Soak yourself in the joys of Geoffrey Chaucer and his romantic poetry and prose with a visit to Canterbury. Gaze into your loved one against a starlit backdrop of the iconic Cathedral, maybe buy them a precious gift in the designer boutique shops set amidst delightful cobbled streets or a drink in the Socialite rooftop bar watching the sun go down. Maybe snuggle up together on a river cruise for two down the Stour. There’s so much to do in Canterbury that an overnight stay is really recommended before a seaside sojourn on the 16 to Folkestone for some coastal fresh air, taking in the atmosphere with a romantic walk round the Harbour or Lower Leas Park, wistfully day dreaming of more happy times ahead, whilst reflecting on the history of this great town and its role in stoically fortifying England from invasions in years gone by.

16 Canterbury – Folkestone – Hythe – Great Scenic Journeys

Intimate Inverness unleashes a Loch Ness love nest on the Stagecoach X25

Pulsating drama and tantalising adventure is a great fillip for a romantic relationship and the X25 is a journey that embraces Inverness, with its live rock bands, malt whiskies, castle, cathedral and atmospheric restaurants before a trip resplendent with pulse-racing mystique and legend through Loch Ness to delightful Dornoch. Across the ‘Black Isle’ Peninsula, the bus traverses a landscape of mountains, rivers, lochs, wild flowers, lush green pastures and spectacular views of the deep blue Moray Firth arriving in historic Dornoch with its wonderful history dating back to 1224 secluded charm. Watch out for the witches stone, in tribute to the belief that this the place where the last ever witch was burnt! The flame certainly burns bright on this deeply atmospheric of journeys! If all this wasn’t enough to set the hairs bristling on your necks, then some stargazing towards the Scottish Highlands is a most magical experience. With minimal light pollution, Inverness and Loch Ness are the most alluring night skies to gaze adoringly at the Milky Way and if you are lucky lovers, then the Northern Lights too!


Regal raptures on the The London Line to Windsor

Make it like Harry and Meghan or treat your loved one like a King or Queen by checking out the sights in central London and then being whisked away in cosy comfort on the stylish London Line to Windsor, stealing a kiss or two as the bus leaves Buckingham Palace Road and alongside the Royal Albert Hall before stopping in Slough, the romantic hotbed where Tim Canterbury and Dawn Tinsley’s love was finally fulfilled, after much flirtation, in the original television series of “The Office”.
Arriving in Windsor and opulence reigns supreme with a tour of Windsor Castle and then a hand holding walk through the Great Park, feeling at one with nature, of the mating call of chirping birds, muntjac, majestic roe deers, badges, moles and playful loving rabbits romping around.  A romantic meal in one of the many chic Michelin starred restaurants, followed by boutique top of the range shopping sojourn is recommended! Maybe take a punt with a cruise down the Thames or a horse drawn carriage ride for two with champagne is just the tonic, so too a performance at the Theatre Royal – this really is a journey with fanfare! To show that courtly has no bounds, maybe get back on the Windsor Express for a few stops to Legoland for thrills and spills on the many rides, as well as drooling affectionately at the amazing Miniworld with the multitude of lovingly constructed models and maybe holing up for the night in the delightful Legoland themed hotel and its cosy woodland lodges.

The London Line 702 – Great Scenic Journeys

There are scenic journeys aplenty across the UK & Eire, so be sure to whisk away your loved one for an unforgettable experience this Valentine’s Day!