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Fishguard - Haverfordwest

There’s few prettier coastal journeys than the T11, a journey of harbours, market squares, churches and farmyard life – Pembrokeshire landscape and culture at its absolute finest!


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1 hour 40 minutes

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Fishguard is home to the Last Invasion Tapestry, a modern-day tapestry that commemorates the last invasion of Britain by a foreign power in 1797. It was created by a team of local artists and is on display in Fishguard Town Hall.

Journey Overview

This is a journey of fascinating combinations and as the T11 bus travels from Fishguard to Haverfordwest, the scenery outside the window transforms from the bustling harbour town of Fishguard to the serene and green countryside of Wales. The journey winds its way through several small towns and villages, each resplendent in its own unique character and charm.

The bus first passes through Goodwick Square, a bustling area with a mix of residential and commercial properties. The square is surrounded by small shops and cafes, and there’s a real sense of life about the place, as locals carry out their day to day activities.

Next, the bus enters the peaceful village of Dyffryn, surrounded by lush green hills and dotted with quaint cottages. The fields surrounding the village are home to grazing sheep and cows, and the occasional farm building can be seen in the distance.

As the bus continues on its journey, it passes through Panteg, a small village with a picturesque church and a scattering of houses. The road then winds through St. Nicholas Turn, where fields of golden wheat sway in the gentle breeze.

The village of Mathry appears next, with its charming stone houses and quaint church. The fields surrounding the village are lined with tall hedgerows and dotted with trees, creating a peaceful and idyllic landscape.

As the bus travels on, it passes through the village of Penparc, nestled in a valley between rolling hills. The village is surrounded by fields of vibrant green grass and wildflowers, and a small stream runs through the centre of the village.

The bus then enters Trefin, a small village with a pretty stone bridge and a handful of houses. The village is surrounded by green fields and gentle hills, with sheep grazing in the distance and copious walking trails with stunning coastline views looking out into the Irish sea.

As the bus winds its way through the countryside, it passes through Llanrhian, a charming village with a beautiful church and a scattering of houses. Then it’s a stop at Croesgoch and onto the historic town of St. David’s with its famous cathedral. Solva soon beckons, a small fishing village with a picturesque harbour and colourful houses. The road then leads to Brawdy Turn, where the landscape transforms into rolling hills and open fields and then Newgale, a charming village with a beautiful church and a scattering of houses.

The bus continues on its journey, passing through Roch Gate, a small village with a handful of houses and a local convenience store. The road then leads to Croes Simpson Cross, a peaceful village with a scattering of houses and a small shop.

As the bus approaches Haverfordwest, it passes through Keeston, a small village with a picturesque church and a scattering of houses. The landscape is dotted with fields of bright yellow rapeseed and green grass, and the occasional tree or hedgerow.

Finally, the bus reaches its destination, Haverfordwest, a bustling market town with a mix of shops, restaurants, and historic landmarks. The journey on the T12 bus from Fishguard to Haverfordwest is a breathtaking tour through the stunning Welsh countryside, with each small town and village offering its own unique glimpse into the charm and beauty of rural Wales. This really is a fabulous trip with interest to be beholden on every twist and turn.

Gateway to the T11

By Megabus to Swansea from London and the Midlands, then by Transport for Wales services to Fishguard. Direct rail services run from many places on Transport for Wales to Fishguard and also Great Western Railway from London.

A Fab Day Out!

Starting from Fishguard, visitors can explore the charming Goodwick Square, which offers beautiful views of the harbour and the Irish Sea. The town also has a number of shops and cafes, as well as a historic town hall and a number of beautiful churches.

Next on the route is St. Nicholas Turn, where customers can savour the nearby Strumble Head Lighthouse, which offers stunning views of the coastline and the sea.

Back on the bus and a stop off at Trefin  is recommended with its ruined mill and beautiful walks along the coast.

The next stop-off that we recommend is St. David’s, where visitors can explore the beautiful St. David’s Cathedral and the nearby ruins of St. Non’s Chapel.

Next on this fascinating journey is Solva, a picturesque village with a beautiful harbour and a number of independent shops and cafes. From there, customers can explore the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which offers breathtaking views of the sea and the coastline.

The bus then passes through the quintessentially Welsh villages of Brawdy Turn, Penycwm, Newgale, Roch Gate, Croes Simpson Cross, Keeston, and Croes Pelcomb Cross, all of which offer beautiful views of the countryside and the coastline.

Finally, this captivating journey reaches its climax in Haverfordwest, where customers can explore the town’s historic castle and the nearby museum, which offers a fascinating insight into the town’s history.

In Haverfordwest, folk can explore the town’s historic castle, which dates back to the 12th century. The town also has a number of shops and cafes, as well as a beautiful town centre and a number of historic churches.

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