Derby to Leeds and York

Enchanted Derbyshire and industrialised South Yorkshire combine to deliver a treat of a trip with so much to see and do!


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1 hour and 45 minutes

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Derby Railway Station

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Derby, England, is home to the world's oldest running silk mill, the Derby Silk Mill, which dates back to 1721. This mill, part of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, was pivotal in the Industrial Revolution. An obscure fact is that the mill was the first fully mechanized factory in the world, employing water-powered machinery for silk throwing, a process that spun silk fibres into thread for weaving.

Journey Overview

As the train departs from Derby, the journey to York unfolds like a moving tapestry of England’s heartland. Initially, the landscape is a blend of urban sprawl and patches of greenery, gradually giving way to the gentle undulations of the Derbyshire countryside. Passing through Duffield and Belper, the scene outside the window transforms into a picturesque panorama of rolling hills dotted with quaint cottages, cricket grounds and verdant fields crisscrossed by dry stone walls.

Approaching Chesterfield, the iconic Crooked Spire of St Mary and All Saints Church pierces the skyline, a quirky landmark steeped in local legend and visible for miles around. The urban bustle resumes briefly, with the town’s industrial heritage evident in the architecture and layout.

As the train rolls through Dronfield and into Sheffield, the landscape shifts dramatically. The city, known for its steel production, presents a striking mix of modern buildings and remnants of its industrial past. Green spaces like the Sheffield Botanical Gardens and the expanse of the Peak District on the horizon offer a contrast to the urban core.

Leaving Sheffield, the train heads north through Barnsley, where the scenery softens into gentle farmlands and wooded areas. The fields here, often peppered with grazing sheep and bordered by hedgerows, reflect a pastoral serenity that is quintessentially English.

Approaching Wakefield, the urban landscape re-emerges, yet interspersed with historical buildings and the winding River Calder. As the train nears Leeds, the skyline grows dense with a mix of Victorian architecture and modern skyscrapers, signalling the vibrant, bustling city centre. Look out for Elland Road, the home of Leeds United Football Club on the right as the train begins its twist and turn into Leeds.

The train continues to York, with the scenery rather flat but always enthralling, as gentle undulating pastures are traversed and farmland with cattle grazing, before the grand denouement under the iconic arch of York railway station. York’s an incredible place and in many respects the adventure has just begun!

Each leg of the journey between Derby and Leeds offers a distinct slice of English life, from rural idylls to industrial vigour and urban sophistication.


A Fab Day Out!

Embark on a captivating day out by train, beginning in the charming city of Derby. Here, the morning light casts a warm glow over the historic Silk Mill and the lush expanse of Darley Park. Savour a leisurely breakfast at one of the quaint cafes, then board the train to Chesterfield.

In Chesterfield, marvel at the architectural wonder of the Crooked Spire, a sight that defies gravity and sparks curiosity. Wander through the bustling market, alive with vibrant stalls and local charm. Take a moment to explore the rich history at Chesterfield Museum, offering insights into the town’s intriguing past.  Chesterfield is also the gateway to the Peak District and the truly incredible Peak Explorer open top bus which starts at the railway station and is the ultimate tour of this amazing region, nestling nicely in the iconic Chatsworth House. To find out more, go to…
Next, let the rails carry you to Sheffield, a city where the industrial revolution meets modern creativity. Stroll through the Winter Garden, an urban oasis filled with exotic plants. Discover the artistic treasures at the Millennium Gallery, where contemporary art intertwines with historical artifacts. Refuel with a delicious lunch in the Devonshire Quarter, known for its eclectic eateries and vibrant atmosphere. Maybe, if you are planning an overnight stay or staycation, then check out the fabulous 65 bus from Sheffield Bus Station, also through the Peak District to beautiful Buxton. To plan your journey on this amazing route, go to 65 Meadowhall – Buxton – Great Scenic Journeys
The next leg of your journey whisks you to Leeds, a city pulsating with energy and culture. Begin at the Royal Armouries Museum, where the past comes to life through an impressive collection of arms and armour. Wander along the revitalized waterfront of the Leeds Dock, soaking in the modern architecture and lively ambiance. As evening descends, the Victorian grandeur of Leeds’ arcades offers an elegant backdrop for a spot of shopping or a relaxing coffee.
Onto York and to get the best out of your visit, then be sure to devour the delightful York City Sightseeing Tour which gives the best insight into the many attractions and the history of this famous, much admired medieval City. City Sightseeing Tour of York – Great Scenic Journeys

Throughout this train journey, each destination reveals its unique story, creating a tapestry of experiences that celebrate the rich diversity and heritage of these remarkable cities.

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