43, Edinburgh to Queensferry

A trip from mesmerising Edinburgh, through parks, woods and regal brilliance, nestling on the shores of the Firth, under the shadow of iconic bridges.


£3 for a single ticket and £1.50 for children. Day Rover tickets are available from £4.80 and also Family Tickets for £10.50

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15 places to visit

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Journey Duration:

57 minutes

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Every 20 minutes

Starting point:

Edinburgh, opposite St Andrew's House in Regent Road

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Journey fact:

A hidden gem in South Queensferry is the Hawes Inn, a centuries-old establishment where Robert Louis Stevenson reputedly penned parts of "Kidnapped." This historic inn, nestled by the waterfront, offers a glimpse into the town's rich literary and maritime heritage. Overlooking the Firth of Forth, its timeless charm and connection to Stevenson provide a unique, lesser-known layer to South Queensferry's enchanting story.

Journey Overview

From the heart of Edinburgh, the bus makes its way down Princes Street, turning right and through the elegant, regal looking Randolph Crescent.

Traveling down Princes Street in Edinburgh offers an exquisite panorama of the city’s grandeur. On one side, the majestic Edinburgh Castle looms atop its rocky crag, dominating the skyline. The lush expanse of Princes Street Gardens unfolds below, dotted with vibrant flowers and ancient trees. Opposite, a blend of elegant Georgian architecture houses bustling shops and cafes. The Scott Monument, a gothic spire, rises dramatically, providing a striking focal point. Trams glide past, and the distant peaks of Arthur’s Seat and the Salisbury Crags create a scenic backdrop. This bustling thoroughfare captures the essence of Edinburgh’s historic and contemporary charm.

Leaving the iconic City behind, over the enchanted Water of Leith, then crossing Orchard Park, the roads are tree-lined, with Ravelston Woods on the left. Davidson’s Main Park now appears and the cricket field of the grand-looking Royal High School, before the bus crosses the River Almond and close to fields with horses grazing.

The bus is soon into Dalmeny, a delightful oasis of calm, yet so close to the Queensferry terminal and busy corridor which is the gateway to North Scotland and beyond. Pretty cottages, neat gardens, a village green, Norman church, but Roman architecture aplenty and lovely war memorial dominate the landscape here.

Into South Queensferry, a stunning small town on the shores in the shadow of the iconic bridges over the Forth. Charming independent shops in the lovely High Street and on the Promenade abound and the bus makes its finale at the Scotstoun Terminal. The scenery here is a a picturesque blend of historic charm and natural beauty. There are stunning views of the iconic Forth Bridge, an impressive red cantilever railway bridge. The town’s cobbled streets wind past quaint, colourful houses, leading to the bustling waterfront where boats bob gently on the tide. Verdant hills frame the town, while the waters of the firth glisten under the often dramatic skies. Seabirds cry overhead, and the scent of the sea mingles with the aroma of fresh fish and chips from local eateries and the sight of multi-coloured houses, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere. This is a fitting end to a journey that started and finishes in style, with gripping, mesmerising and unique locations at both ends!


A Fab Day Out!

Start your day in Edinburgh with a leisurely breakfast at a cosy café on the Royal Mile, savouring a freshly baked scone with clotted cream and jam, paired with a steaming cup of Scottish breakfast tea. Afterwards, take a short stroll to Princes Street Gardens, where you can enjoy the morning tranquillity while marvelling at the view of Edinburgh Castle perched high above.

As the city awakens, make your way to the bus stop and board the bus heading towards South Queensferry. The journey begins with a scenic drive through the West End, passing the elegant Georgian facades and the hustle and bustle of Queensferry Street. Soon, you’ll arrive in Blackhall, a serene suburb lined with leafy streets and quaint cottages.

Continuing the route, the bus glides through Barnton Junction, where you catch glimpses of spacious parks and luxurious homes. The next stop is Dalmeny, a picturesque village with charming stone houses and a peaceful, rural ambiance.

As lunchtime approaches, hop off at Queensferry Ferrymuir Retail Park and head to a delightful local bistro, where you can enjoy a hearty meal of fish and chips or a traditional Scottish pie. Refuelled, continue your journey to the heart of South Queensferry, arriving at the Queensferry Scoutson Terminus.

Spend the afternoon exploring this historic town, starting with a visit to the awe-inspiring Forth Bridge. Walk along the waterfront, where colourful boats bob gently in the harbour, and the scent of saltwater fills the air. Visit the quaint shops and art galleries, and perhaps take a short boat trip on the Firth of Forth to see the local wildlife.

As evening falls, head to the renowned Hawes Inn for dinner. Enjoy a meal of fresh seafood or succulent Scottish lamb in this atmospheric, centuries-old inn with views of the bridge. End your day with a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, the lights of the Forth Bridge reflecting off the water, before catching the bus back to Edinburgh, filled with memories of your day’s adventures.

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