Harbour Breezer 60

Rockley Park, Poole Quay, Poole and Sandbanks

Experience the breathtaking scenery and diverse landscapes of Dorset on the Breezer 60 bus from Rockley Park to Sandbank Ferry, passing through peaceful nature reserves, bustling quayside streets, historic areas beaches.


Unlimited travel £4.80 adult, £3.20 child and £13.00 group

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No. of Attractions:

5 places to visit

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Journey Duration:

55 minutes

Route Frequency:

7 services daily

Starting point:

Rockley Park

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Journey fact:

Sandbanks in Dorset, UK is home to the fourth highest land value in the world, with some properties costing up to £15 million.

Journey Overview

A journey across an entrancing corner of delightful Dorset, combining stunning seaside scenery with the elysian, horticultural bliss of Compton Acres and the thriving hustle and bustle of Poole with its chic shops, restaurants and upmarket harbour. There’s links too at Sandback with the Purbeck Breezer bus to Swanage – which goes on a ferry across the water to Studland!

The scenery on the Breezer 60 from Rockley Park to Sandbank Ferry is truly breathtaking, with a wide variety of landscapes and sights to take in. From peaceful nature reserves to bustling quayside streets, this route has it all, making it a “must-see” for anyone travelling to Dorset.

As the bus leaves Rockley Park, customers are treated to stunning views of the park’s lush greenery and sparkling waterways. The route then passes through Hamworthy Park, a peaceful nature reserve with grassy fields and wildflowers that stretch out to the sea. Carter’s Quay follows with its picturesque marina and boats bobbing gently on the water.

The journey then gathers momentum, to Poole Old Orchard, an area steeped in history with beautiful old buildings, including St. James Church. Poole Quay Hotel and Poole Bus Station are both lively areas with plenty of shops and cafes, most notably in the Dolphin Centre, which has over 90 retail outlets, spread over 2 floors! There are independent shops the other side of the Bus Station in the High Street, as well as upmarket restaurants and chains. Customers can enjoy a variety of delicious foods as they take in the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. The contrast between the Shopping Centre and High Street is interesting, separated by the railway level crossing, which provides a fascinating setting, separating Poole in two.

As the bus continues its journey, it passes through Park Gate, a small village with charming cottages and gardens bursting with colourful blooms. Sandbank Road provides great views of the coastline, with the sea stretching out to the horizon, towards the Isle of Wight.

The bus then stops at Lilliput Square, a quaint shopping district with a variety of stores selling everything from souvenirs to luxury goods. Next up is Compton Acres Gardens, a breathtaking botanical garden with meticulously landscaped grounds and a wide variety of plants and flowers.

The final stops on the route are Canford Cliffs Parade and Sandbank Ferry, both areas with stunning beaches and clear blue waters. Customers can take in the beauty of the coastline as they make their way to their final destination.

A Fab Day Out!

  • Starting at the East Cliff Cottonwood Hotel, explore the East Cliff beach and the beautiful promenade that runs along the coast.
  • Hop off at bustling Bournemouth Square to explore charming boutiques and department stores, or enjoy events like live music performances and markets.
  • Stroll through the Winter Gardens, a Grade II listed building with a rich history, or try out the seasonal ice rink in the winter months.
  • Enjoy a game of crazy golf at the Lower Gardens, or explore the beautiful flower displays, fountains, and tranquil river.
  • Pass through the leafy West Hill Road, which is lined with beautiful houses and gardens, and enjoy a leisurely stroll through the area.
  • Stop at Westbourne Alumhurst Road for a wide variety of shops and eateries to explore, including independent boutiques and high-street chains.
  • Arrive at the picturesque Alum Chine and explore the beautiful beach, surrounding parks, and gardens.
  • Walk across the Alum Chine Suspension Bridge to explore the nearby chine, a wooded ravine that is home to a variety of wildlife.

How to get here...

By megabus from the North, Midlands to London Heathrow and onto Poole

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The bus is best picked up in Poole, which is accessible by South Western Railway from London, Surrey, Hampshire and other parts of Dorset. Alternatively, More Bus, which is part of Go South Coast, run many services in and around the area, including from Bournemouth.

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