X5/CAT 5 Warrington – Altrincham

Warrington - Altrincham

Warrington’s Own Buses offer two scenic journeys to the vibrant, foodie town of Altrincham with its rich history, culture and thriving independent trade, including award-winning food and entertainment.


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Journey Duration:

Number X5 is 53 minutes and number 5 is 75 minutes

Route Frequency:

Every Hour

Starting point:

Warrington Interchange

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Journey fact:

Altrincham won the "Best High Street in the UK" award in 2018.

Journey Overview

Warrington’s Own Buses serve up two delightful journeys from their thriving town centre, across the bustling but charming and green Cheshire landscape to the vibrant town of Altrincham – you can go one way on the X5 via Little Bollington and for a change of scenery return on the CAT 5 through Lymm Church.

Altrincham was crowned the ‘Foodie Neighbourhood’ winner at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival awards in October 2021 and it’s a fascinating town where independent trade and high quality local produce are the deeply embedded in its history and culture. There’s a range of fascinating specialist shops, varied restaurants and entertainment, including theatre, cinema and music, as well as ice-skating! Check out Goose Green too with its trendy nightlife.

Independent traders thrive in Altrincham, particularly in the King’s Central Courtyard and also the Market Quarter which, along with the old fashioned Market Place, showcases Altringham’s culture and heritage.


A Fab Day Out!

The CAT 5 is a great way to explore the beautiful countryside and charming towns of Cheshire.

Even before boarding the bus in Warrington, there’s plenty to do, including shopping, dining, and exploring the historic landmarks such as the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, and the Parr Hall.

As the bus leaves Warrington and heads towards Stockton Heath, customers can alight here and enjoy the many independent shops, bars and restaurants.

Back on-board and this time to Grappenhall, a picturesque village with a rich history and beautiful architecture. Folk can explore the Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden, which is a hidden gem featuring beautiful flowers and plant life.

A stop-off further down the route at Lymm is recommended – it’s a charming village with plenty of things to do, including visiting the Lymm Dam Nature Reserve, which offers beautiful views of the countryside.

As the bus approaches Warburton and Dunham Woodhouses, visitors can take in the great views of the River Mersey and the surrounding countryside. Warburton is a quaint village with plenty of attractions, including the Warburton Toll Bridge, which is a unique and historic landmark.

Next, the bus stops at Partington, which is known for its beautiful parks and green spaces. Visitors can explore the Partington Players Theatre, which offers a variety of plays and performances throughout the year.

As the bus approaches Sinderland and Broadheath, customers can see the beautiful countryside and historic landmarks that define the area. Sinderland is home to the Dunham Massey Hall and Gardens, which is a stunning National Trust property featuring beautiful gardens and a historic hall.

Back on-board and the bus arrives at Broomedge and Bowdon, which are charming villages with plenty of things to do, including visiting the Bowdon Golf Club and exploring the beautiful streets and architecture.

The journey ends at Altrincham, a charming town with plenty of fascinating sights and places to visit. One of the most popular attractions is the Altrincham Market, a vibrant indoor market that features an eclectic mix of independent traders and food vendors. Other attractions include the Dunham Massey Hall and Gardens, a stunning National Trust property featuring beautiful gardens and a historic hall, and the Altrincham Garrick Playhouse, which offers a variety of plays and performances throughout the year.

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