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Helston - Lizard

This is a bus journey that combines flat pastoral fields with Cornish villages and cliff top views with quaint coves below, as well as a funfair and busy Air Station!


Unlimited one day travel £5 adult, £4 child and family £10 with two adults and any number of children

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6 places to visit

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1 hour, 3 minutes

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Every two hours, departing between 09:30 and 17:30 from Helston

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Helston is home to the famous "Furry Dance," a traditional festival dating back to the medieval times, where participants dance through the streets holding hands.

Journey Overview

As the bus approaches Flambards, customers are treated to a view of the theme park’s towering roller coasters and colourful rides. The park’s vibrant colours and lively atmosphere create a stark contrast to the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Continuing on towards Royal Navy Air Station Culdrose, the scenery outside the window becomes more tranquil, with fields of golden wheat and emerald-green grass stretching as far as the eye can see. The fields are dotted with grazing cows and sheep, and the gentle sound of their bells can be heard in the distance. Set amidst this wonderful scenery, RNAS Culdrose is one of the largest helicopter bases in Europe. With 3,000 personnel, it is one of the biggest single-site employer in Cornwall, generating £100m into the local economy every year.

Next, the bus passes through the picturesque village of Cury, with its charming thatched cottages and quaint gardens bursting with colorful flowers. The village is nestled in a verdant valley surrounded by rolling hills, providing a peaceful respite from the dramatic coastline.

As this gripping trip continues, the scenery becomes increasingly rugged and wild, with the jagged cliffs of the coastline coming into view. The bus winds its way along narrow, winding roads that cling to the edges of the cliffs, offering passengers spectacular views of the deep blue sea stretching out to the horizon.

The bus then approaches Poldhu Cove, a stunning crescent-shaped beach with crystal-clear turquoise waters lapping against the golden sand. The beach is flanked by towering cliffs covered in lush vegetation, creating a serene and secluded atmosphere.

Mullion beckons – a bustling coastal village with quaint shops, restaurants, and pubs. The village is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and stunning beaches, providing a perfect place to take in the natural beauty of the Lizard Peninsula.

As the bus approaches the Lizard, customers are treated to an unforgettable view of the iconic lighthouse, perched high on the cliffs overlooking the sea. The surrounding countryside is a patchwork of fields and meadows, dotted with wildflowers and grazing animals, creating a picturesque scene that epitomizes the natural beauty of the Lizard Peninsula.

Buses run every two hours so it may be best to spread this journey over two days or pick maybe a couple of stop-offs only en route. Here’s some food for thought for this great journey.

A Fab Day Out!

Before boarding the bus in Helston, it’s worth exploring this charming town, famous for its annual Flora Day celebration. Peruse the town’s narrow streets and browse the independent shops, cafes, and galleries. Visit the Helston Museum to learn about the town’s history, or take a stroll through the scenic Coronation Park.

Then, on-board to the next stop, which is Flambards, an amusement park with a range of rides and attractions for all ages, open in the Spring and Summer only. Thrill-seekers will love the park’s roller coasters and water rides, while families can enjoy the indoor and outdoor play areas, petting zoo, and interactive exhibits.

Onto the bus and it’s to the Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose, which is a working military base, but also offers tours to the public. Customers can see historic aircraft, learn about the history of aviation, and even take a flight simulator ride.

Then, onwards to the village of Cury, a beautiful and peaceful spot, with thatched cottages, a 14th-century church, and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Take a leisurely walk along the footpaths and bridleways that criss-cross the area, or stop for a pint of ale at the local pub.

Further on the route is Poldhu Cove – one of the most stunning spots on this amazing trip. Poldhu Cove is a secluded beach with crystal-clear waters, golden sand, and dramatic cliffs. Take a dip in the ocean, explore the rock pools, or simply relax on the sand and soak up the sun.

Then, the picturesque village of Mullion awaits and is a great place to stop for a meal or a drink. Visit the local craft shops and art galleries, or take a stroll along the scenic coastal path that runs through the village.

Finally, to Lizard, the end destination and home to the iconic lighthouse and a range of shops, restaurants, and pubs. Take a guided tour of the lighthouse, explore the local beaches and coves, or visit the Lizard Point National Nature Reserve to spot rare birds and wildlife.

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By Megabus to Plymouth from Bristol, then train to Truro and L3 bus from Truro to Helston

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By train from London, The Midlands and West Country to Truro, then L3 bus to Helston.

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Gunwalloe to Poldhu Cove


Helston Fairground Car Park

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