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3M, Tung Chung Station Bus Terminus to Mui Wo Ferry Pier

The scenic bus journey along Route 3m from Tung Chung Station Bus Terminus to Mui Wo Ferry Pier offers a captivating blend of countryside and coastal views, featuring picturesque villages, lush greenery, serene retreats, local charm, and a glimpse into local life on Lantau Island.

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No. of Attractions:

5 places to visit

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Journey Duration:

50 - 60 minutes

Route Frequency:

20 - 30 minutes

Starting point:

Tung Chung Station Bus Terminus

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Journey fact:

Mui Wo, on Lantau Island, is home to the "Rock Carving on Cheung Sha Beach," a prehistoric rock carving site that features carvings of geometric patterns and animals. These carvings are believed to date back thousands of years, providing a glimpse into the area's ancient history.

Journey Overview

The bus journey along Route 3m from Tung Chung Station Bus Terminus to Mui Wo Ferry Pier is a visual delight. As you leave the bustling Tung Chung area, you’ll be treated to the serene countryside of Lantau Island. The bus navigates a picturesque route through Lantau Island’s stunning landscapes, making stops at various points of interest. North Lantau Hospital and Tung Chung Rural Committee Office offer a glimpse into local healthcare and community services, contrasting with the lovely rural scenery that characterise the journey.

The route takes you through picturesque villages like Sheung Ling Pei and Ha Ling Pei, where traditional houses are nestled amid lush greenery. Wong Ka Wai and Lung Tsung Tau offer breathtaking vistas of rolling hills and valleys, providing a sense of tranquillity.

As the bus winds its way through Cheung Sha Catchwater, you’ll catch glimpses of the reservoir, and the winding trails that beckon hikers and nature enthusiasts. Ywac Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge in San Shek Wan Village is a serene retreat with scenic sea views.

Milestone, Lo Uk Tsuen, and Sun Wai Tsuen reveal the charm of local villages, each with its unique character. Finally, the journey passes through Pui O, offering a mix of peaceful countryside and a rustic petrol station.

The scenery becomes more coastal as you approach Mui Wo, with a view of the sea and the Mui Wo Police Station as you reach the town. From here, the Mui Wo Cooked Food Market and the Ngan Wan Estate provide a glimpse into local life, all set against the backdrop of Mui Wo’s picturesque bay.

This bus journey offers a captivating blend of countryside and coastal views, making it a delightful way to explore the hidden gems of Lantau Island.

A Fab Day Out!

Your day of exploration begins at the bustling Tung Chung Station Bus Terminus. Before you board the Route 3m bus, take some time to explore Fu Tung Plaza, a shopping and dining destination where you can find everything from local cuisine to international brands, as well as a renowned wet market, offering culinary delights and fantastic dim sum.

Continue your journey to Sheung Ling Pei and Ha Ling Pei, where you’ll encounter peaceful countryside and traditional villages. The route then takes you through areas like Wong Ka Wai and Lung Tsung Tau, surrounded by lush greenery and offering a true escape from urban life.

As you pass by Tung Chung Au Management Centre and Pak Kung Au, you’ll be treated to sweeping views of the island’s hills and valleys. Cheung Sha Catchwater provides a refreshing touch of serenity with its reservoir and hiking trails.

Ywac Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge, situated in the scenic San Shek Wan Village, offers a tranquil retreat, so too Lo Uk Tsuen, Sun Wai Tsuen, and Lo Wai Tsuen, which are charming villages with a relaxed pace of life and local culture.

As you arrive in Pui O, make a stop at the petrol station and Nam Shan Camp Site and Sam UK Tsuen which are gateways to hiking trails and a chance to be immersed in nature. Close by is the gently curving Pui O Beach, at the foot of lush rolling hills. It’s a hidden gem with tree-lined, soft powdered golden sand, waterfront bars to watch the setting sun slowly disappear from view. It’s also an alluring beachfront setting for hikers, sun-bathers and swimmers! Bliss.

The journey also takes you past Lai Chi Yuen Cemetery and Lai Chi Yuen, showcasing the island’s history. Finally, you’ll reach Mui Wo, where you can explore attractions like Mui Wo Cooked Food Market and Ngan King Centre.  The Mui Wo market is an open-air gem for seaside dining as fishing boats float just steps away. The menu is resplendent with Cantonese classics with ingredients sourced fresh daily, including wok-seared shrimp, steaming congee.

The day concludes at Mui Wo Ferry Pier, where you can relax by the beach or catch a ferry back to Tung Chung.  The cooked food market beside the Pier is home to many small seafood restaurants offering fine sea views, as well as a great nearby bakery, coffee shop, burgers and pizza eateries as well!

The pier also boasts very picturesque views of the South China Sea and is a great denouement to a fascinating adventure on the 3m bus.

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