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Chesterfield - Chatsworth House - Baslow - Bakewell - Chatsworth House

Experience the idyllic Peak District on a captivating Open Top bus tour, visiting popular destinations like Chatsworth House, Bakewell, and Hassop station for the Monsal Trail, while enjoying breathtaking views of rolling hills, charming villages, and the grandeur of Chatsworth House.

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5 places to visit

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Journey Duration:

1 hour 31 from Chesterfield and 55 minutes rotating circular from Chatsworth House across the Peak District

Route Frequency:

2 services daily to/from Chesterfield and half-hourly circular from Chatsworth House around the Peak District. Peak Sightseer runs daily from 1 July to 30 September. Weekends only from 1 October to 24 December.

Starting point:

Chatsworth House

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Journey fact:

During World War II, Chatsworth house was used as a safe haven for priceless art and treasures from other national institutions. The valuable collections from the National Gallery and the British Museum, among others, were stored at Chatsworth to protect them from potential damage during the war. This temporary role as a protective repository ensured the preservation of invaluable cultural artifacts for future generations to appreciate.

Journey Overview

Gorge on the idyllic Peak District with a grandstand view on this lovely Open Top bus circular tour. Criss-crossing back and forth across this quite remarkable landscape, the Peak Sightseer takes folk to some of the Peak District National Park’s most popular destinations, including Chatsworth House, Bakewell and Hassop station for the Monsal Trail.

The enchanting adventure starts at Chesterfield railway station and the scenery is pleasant on the eye pretty immediately as undulating hills give way to more breathtaking views as Chatsworth beckons fast.

As the bus approaches Chatsworth House, one of the most magnificent stately homes in the country, the landscape takes on an air of grandeur. The imposing architecture and manicured gardens of Chatsworth House come into view, evoking a sense of history and opulence.

Onwards the bus goes to Baslow and Nether End, where customers are treated to the delightful sight of the narrow park-house bridge and thatched cottages as well as captivating views of the slightly rugged but stunning Peak district landscape. Rolling hills and picturesque fields stretch out as far as the eye can see, with small charming hamlets nestled amidst the greenery.

Continuing along the route, the bus passes through Curbar, which is set below the gritstone crags of Curbar Edge to the east – the view from the bus is incredible, as the village slopes down to reach the banks of a beautifully wooded section of the river Derwent. Then, the bus makes its way through Calver Sough, a quaint village with stone cottages and a tranquil river flowing through its heart. The sights of the rustic, slightly rugged countryside and the sounds of nature envelop customers, providing a serene atmosphere.

The journey then makes its way through the idyllic village of Hassop, known for its charming cottages and the beautiful Hassop Hall. The bus meanders along the country lanes, revealing breathtaking views of more rolling hills and quaint farmhouses. Thornbridge Brewery is passed and views over its fantastically restored enchanting gardens.

Next on the route is Bakewell, a bustling market town famous for its delectable Bakewell pudding. Folk can catch glimpses of the River Wye as it winds through the town, adding to the spell-binding scenery.

As the bus continues, it passes through Ashford in the Water, a postcard-perfect village adorned with stone bridges and flower-filled gardens. The tranquil River Wye meanders alongside, providing a soothing backdrop.

The journey then leads to Pilsley, a charming village nestled in the Derbyshire Dales, where quaint cottages dot the horizon.

Finally, the bus returns to Chatsworth, where customers can admire the magnificence of the estate once more. The stunning view of Chatsworth House against the backdrop of the lush parkland is a sight to behold, leaving customers with a lasting memory of the breathtaking countryside they have traversed before making their way back to Chesterfield and beyond!

A Fab Day Out!

Starting in Chesterfield, visitors can explore the iconic Crooked Spire of the Church of St. Mary and All Saints. The town’s bustling market square, historic buildings, and independent shops are also worth a visit. There’s a good nightlife to be enjoyed the night before or on the way back and maybe watch Chesterfield play football or Derbyshire at cricket on their annual sojourn to the beautiful Queens Park on the town – renowned as one of the most beautiful of settings on the county cricket circuit!

Then, it’s on the bus and the first suggested stop-off is Chatsworth House where customers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the splendour of one of England’s finest stately homes, with the House and its perfectly manicured land in the horizon and then getting tantalisingly closer. With its exquisite architecture, remarkable art collection, and stunning 105 acre gardens, Chatsworth House offers a truly captivating experience. It’s not just a wonderful setting with its 25 rooms and collection of art and historical treasures, there’s also a range of fun-filled events throughout the year here too!

Continuing on, the route passes through Baslow, folk can alight and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the picturesque riverbank or visit the delightful Baslow Nether End. The charming village is known for its quaint cottages, traditional pubs, and scenic views of the surrounding countryside.

Hassop, another gem along the route, beckons with its idyllic surroundings and the enchanting Hassop Hall. Here, you can relish in the beauty of the countryside, savour delicious local cuisine, or browse through unique boutiques. The old railway station is now a lovely Tea Room, where folk can refresh themselves in advance of a walk along the Monsal Trail, of which Hassop is an ideal gateway! The footpath treads 8.5 miles of the old (sadly no more), London to Manchester railway!

The next unforgettable place to alight and check out is Bakewell, a bustling market town with cobbled alleyways and of course its world famous namesake tart. Make sure you try some delicious Bakewell Pudding whilst you are here! The Orginal Pudding Bakewell Pudding Shop is the birthplace of this delicacy and is well worth a visit! Visitors can explore the charming streets, visit historic buildings like the Old House Museum, and sample more treats at the town’s numerous bakeries. On Mondays, there is the lively outdoor market as well as cattle and sheep market at the Agricultural Centre!

Onwards to Ashford in the Water, a picturesque village nestled in the Derbyshire Dales, which offers visitors a charming array of sights and activities. It’s one of the most becalming and languid of settings, so be sure to take a leisurely stroll along the tranquil River Wye, crossing the beautiful stone bridges that grace the village. Explore the delightful village green and admire the traditional limestone cottages adorned with colourful gardens. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the medieval sheepwash bridge, a renowned historic landmark. Nature lovers can devour the scenic walks in the surrounding countryside, while history enthusiasts can discover the fascinating St. Michael and All Angels Church.

With its idyllic setting and quintessential English charm, Ashford in the Water provides a peaceful and enchanting experience for all who visit. Then maybe a stop-off at Pilsley Village, which is home to the fab Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop, a haven for those who love local produce and the wares of independent retailers.

Gateway to the Peak Sightseer

By train to Chesterfield from London and the East Midlands, the North and Scotland.

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