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Westward Ho! holds the distinction of being the only place in the United Kingdom with an exclamation mark in its name. The town's unique moniker was inspired by Charles Kingsley's novel of the same name, published in 1855.

Journey Overview

To Westward Ho! we go – and what a delightful journey this is through sumptuous, quintessential Devon scenery!

As the bus departs Ilfracombe, the scenery transforms like a shifting canvas, revealing the varied landscapes of North Devon. Mullacott Cross offers glimpses of rolling green hills adorned with clusters of trees, a patchwork of farmlands stretching into the distance. Braunton brings a rural charm, with quaint cottages and fields bordered by hedgerows. Chivenor Camp Gates mark a transition, where open fields meet a hint of coastal influence.

Approaching Barnstaple, the scenery morphs into a blend of urban and rural: bustling streets, with classic Georgian architecture intermingle with pockets of greenery along the riverbanks. Bickington and Fremington Taw View unveil pastoral panoramas, with grazing livestock and serene meadows. Yelland Rectory Lane hints at the proximity of the Taw estuary, its calm waters reflecting the sky’s hues.

The journey continues to unfold with glimpses of Bideford Quay, a charming harbour bustling with maritime activity and the artistic allure of the Burton Art Gallery. Meanwhile, Northam and Westward Ho! offer breathtaking vistas of expansive sandy beaches hugged by azure waters, inviting exploration and wonder. It’s a scenic view that could be straight from the Maldives, but it’s not, it’s tantilisingly made possible by a fab journey on a Stagecoach bus!


A Fab Day Out!

Travelling on the scenic bus journey from Ilfracombe to Westward Ho promises a delightful day of exploration along the North Devon coastline. Starting in Ilfracombe, customers can enjoy the charming seaside atmosphere, or perhaps explore the iconic Verity sculpture and the rugged seaside beauty surrounding.

Stroll along the scenic coastal paths, unveiling breathtaking vistas of jagged cliffs and the shimmering sea, leading to the iconic Tunnels Beaches, a network of hand-carved tunnels and tidal pools.

Explore the historic charm of St. Nicholas Chapel perched atop the cliffs, offering panoramic views of the town and coastline. Delve into maritime history at Ilfracombe Museum, showcasing local artifacts and tales of seafaring heritage. Embark on a wildlife-spotting voyage with boat tours to Lundy Island, a haven for puffins and seals.

Indulge in culinary delights at local eateries, savouring fresh seafood or enjoying a traditional cream tea. Cap off the day by catching a show at the Landmark Theatre or relishing a sunset from the harbour, painting the sky in hues of orange and gold.

As the journey progresses to Barnstaple, a bustling market town, visitors can immerse themselves in the historic Pannier Market and take a leisurely stroll along The River Taw stopping off at cafes like Fremington Quay Café that on look The River Taw.

Explore the heritage at Barnstaple Museum, housing exhibitions on everything from prehistoric North Devon to the town’s industrial past. Head to Rock Park, a serene green space alongside the River Taw, perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picnic.

For adventure seekers, the Tarka Trail beckons—an expansive cycling and walking path tracing the scenic riverbanks and countryside. Embrace the outdoors further by venturing to Arlington Court, a National Trust property boasting splendid gardens and a fascinating collection of carriages and treasures.

Cap off the day with a show at the Queen’s Theatre or savor a meal at one of the town’s diverse eateries, blending local flavors with international cuisines.

Bideford, a picturesque riverside town, beckons with its historic quayside, the scenic Tarka Trail, and the captivating Burton Art Gallery. A beacon of artistic expression since 1947, the Art Gallery houses a diverse collection of contemporary and traditional works. Its elegant galleries showcase local talents alongside renowned artists, fostering a rich tapestry of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and more. The gallery’s architectural charm, blending Victorian elegance with modern design, creates an immersive experience. With rotating exhibitions, workshops, and events, the Burton Art Gallery is a cultural hub, inviting patrons to explore, appreciate, and immerse themselves in the captivating world of art.

The bus then winds its way to Northam reaching the final stop of the journey, Westward Ho. Here you can stroll along its golden sands, where local surf shops like Surf Bay offer equipment and lessons for water enthusiasts or unwind at the Fairway Buoy a stunning, coastal restaurant. Looking for some exercise? Why not relish the historic golfing experience at the Royal North Devon Golf Club?

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