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Hotline, Preston to Blackburn and Burnley


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1 hour 27 minutes

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Starting point:

Preston Bus Station (Stand 39)

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Journey Overview

Leaving Preston behind and the bus winds its way out of the town centre, past fascinating architecture – modern and industrial, as well as upmarket coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Alongside the Fishwick Local Nature Reserve and a BMX track, slightly concealed by trees, the bus travels before  the winding River Ribble is crossed.

Through Walton-le-Dale, the journey unfolds with the bus enveloped on one side by the River Ribble and the River Darwen on the other. Pretty fields with different variants of green are traversed in Coupe Green, then slightly south easterly down through Hoghton, close to the Hoghton Service Reservoir on the right.

The bus then travels northwards, within touching distance of the lovely Witton Country Park on the left out of the window before the landscape becomes more urban as Blackburn approaches and the bus station, right in the heart of the town centre.

Onwards towards Burnley the bus then travels, steadily climbing up fairly steep hills, overlooking the mix of classic, a traditional industrial revolution style landscape, mixed with marvellous modernity.

Higher up still, the bus makes its way with a great vantage point of rolling green hills below, either side of the bus as Great Harwood is in the distance on the left. Through Clayton-le-Moors, then its through even more pleasant countryside and views of Pendle Hill, past the lush and fairly dense Dean Brook and over the River Calder through Padiham and with the lovely Gawthorpe Hall National Trust then following not far onwards, on the left. The bus is now heading southwards, through a more built up residential area of terraced houses and a range of small independent and large shops as Burnley beckons and the bus rolls into the bus station in the heart of a shopping centre that is full of character.

A Fab Day Out!

Starting in Preston, there’s so much to see and do before getting on the bus. It’s a city with a blend of modern amenities and historical landmarks, you can explore attractions like the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, showcasing fine art and artifacts. Stroll along the scenic Avenham and Miller Parks or visit the iconic Preston Docks for a glimpse of maritime heritage.

Onto the bus and it’s well worth stopping off in Blackburn, which boasts architectural gems like the Blackburn Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic revival, and the Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, offering insights into local history and art.

Next stop, Padiham, presents a chance to delve into Lancashire’s industrial past with a visit to the Weaver’s Triangle Visitor Centre, housed in a former mill. Explore the town’s historic streets and perhaps indulge in a traditional Lancashire meal at one of its cozy pubs. A short walk from the bus just after Padiham is the lovely heritage site  Gawthorpe Hall which is a great place to check out. Built in the early 17th century, its striking architecture and picturesque surroundings, including very elegant gardens, draw visitors seeking a glimpse into England’s past. Once the home of the Shuttleworth family, Gawthorpe Hall now houses a remarkable collection of textiles, including the Gawthorpe Textiles Collection, showcasing intricate lace, embroidery, and historic costumes.

Finally, the journey culminates in Burnley, a town with a rich industrial heritage and vibrant cultural scene. Explore the award-winning Towneley Hall, set amidst picturesque parkland, or catch a performance at the Burnley Mechanics Theatre. For nature enthusiasts, a visit to the nearby Singing Ringing Tree sculpture offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.


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