Belfast-Whitehead-Larne Harbour

Belfast-Whitehead-Larne Harbour

An idyllic short trip from the hustle and bustle of Belfast into rural charm, coastal beauty and maritime heritage. Stunning scenery on the doorstep of an entrancing City – this is a truly fabulous experience.

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1 hour 5 mins

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Great Victoria Street Train Station

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Whitehead has a unique association with Antarctic exploration. The famous explorer, Sir Robert Falcon Scott, lived in Whitehead during his childhood, attending school there for a brief period.

Journey Overview

As the train departs from Belfast, it twists its way round the edge of the docks, with enticing panoramic views of water, houses and industrial buildings, which fast diminish as the train then finds its way straddling the estuary and meandering towards the coast.

The train passes by green fields on the right at Jordanstown  and Trooperslane offers a serene countryside ambiance, a perfect escape to enjoy the tranquillity of rural life. The scenery becomes even more picturesque as Whitehead beckons with the train now hugging the coastline, granting customers mesmerizing views of the glistening Irish Sea. Beyond Whitehead, the view from the window is of beautiful bay with small coves and there’s plenty of wildlife to be spotted on a good day, with seabirds soaring gracefully overhead, their calls mingling with the distant sound of crashing waves.

As the journey continues to Larne Harbour, the maritime ambiance grows stronger. Large cargo ships and fishing boats sway gently in the harbour, silently narrating tales of trade and adventure. The scent of salt fills the air, and the briny mist adds a touch of mystique to the scenery.

A Fab Day Out!

The train journey from Belfast to Larne Harbour offers a delightful mix of attractions and scenic beauty, showcasing some of Northern Ireland’s most charming towns and coastal vistas. The hourly frequency also provides great opportunities to hop on and off en route and get a brief glimpse and taste of some great locations!

Starting in Belfast, explore the city’s vibrant culture, historical landmarks like the City Hall and St. Anne’s Cathedral, and indulge in its diverse dining and shopping options.

Clipperstown welcomes you with its picturesque surroundings and access to Carrickfergus, a coastal town steeped in history. Visit the impressive Carrickfergus Castle, one of the best-preserved medieval structures in Northern Ireland, and take a leisurely stroll along the scenic Marine Highway.

As the train continues to Downshire and Whitehead, admire breathtaking coastal views and consider exploring the picturesque Whitehead Railway Museum.

Ballycarry boasts the charming Sallagh Braes, an area of natural beauty perfect for hiking and picnicking. Magheramorne features an old limestone quarry and has been a filming location for Game of Thrones.

Glynn offers a peaceful setting to relax and immerse yourself in the serene countryside.

Finally, the train arrives in Larne, a bustling coastal town with a rich maritime heritage. Explore Larne’s charming promenade, enjoy the sandy beach, and visit the Chaine Memorial Tower, offering stunning panoramic views of the town and sea.

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