99 Cardiff – Penarth Pier Open Top

Open top bus journey around Cardiff

Open top bus journey around Cardiff


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No. of Attractions:

5 places to visit

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Journey Duration:

1 hour 20 minutes round trip

Route Frequency:

5 services daily

Starting point:

Cardiff Bay

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Journey fact:

The Penarth Pier, built in 1895, holds the distinction of being one of the few remaining Victorian pleasure piers in Wales. What sets it apart is its unique construction using slender cast iron columns instead of the traditional timber piles. This innovative design allowed the pier to withstand the harsh marine environment and has contributed to its longevity.

Journey Overview

Take the 99 and enjoy a 99 ice cream treat at glorious Penarth! This is a perfect trip for a day of leisure and enjoyment both in the iconic Welsh capital city and by the more serene seaside! Breeze on this fun-filled open top bus service from the lively cultural melting pot, steeped in heritage, that is wonderful Cardiff City, down the waterfront to classic coastal Penarth with its great scenery and fab things to do.

As the service embarks on its picturesque route from Wyndham Arcade, with its fascinating independent and boutique shops, in the heart of Cardiff’s city centre, customers are greeted with a panoramic view of the vibrant capital city. The double-decker bus ascends through bustling streets, passing charming Victorian buildings and modern architectural marvels.

As the journey unfolds, customers are whisked towards the captivating Cardiff Bay. The first stop is the majestic Wales Millennium Centre which dominates the skyline with its iconic copper-coloured façade, showcasing the city’s rich cultural heritage. The vibrant atmosphere of Mermaid Quay beckons with its bustling waterfront promenade, lined with an array of restaurants, cafes, and shops. Customers can witness boats bobbing on the tranquil water, creating a serene backdrop for the lively scene.

Continuing the journey, the bus takes a leisurely route towards Penarth, a charming coastal town located just outside Cardiff. The quaint Windsor Terrace captivates passengers with its row of picturesque Victorian houses, their colourful facades and intricate details adding character to the street. The bus then reaches its final destination at Penarth Esplanade and Pier, offering stunning views of the Bristol Channel and its sparkling waters. The pier stretches out invitingly, providing an idyllic spot to admire the expansive horizon or take a leisurely stroll up the hill to discover the tranquility of the flower gardens of Alexandra Park and Windsor Gardens.

Throughout the entire journey, customers are treated to sweeping vistas of Cardiff’s urban beauty, from its historic landmarks to its natural wonders. They can enjoy the fresh breeze on their faces and capture remarkable photographs of the cityscape, creating lasting memories of a truly scenic adventure.

A Fab Day Out!

Cardiff offers a wealth of sights and attractions for visitors to explore. Before getting on-board this fab open top bus service, start by immersing yourself in history at Cardiff Castle, a majestic medieval fortress in the heart of the city. Stroll through the charming Victorian arcades, filled with independent shops and eateries. Marvel at the architectural beauty of the Wales Millennium Centre and the historic Llandaff Cathedral.

Stop off on the way there or back to discover the city’s vibrant waterfront at Cardiff Bay, home to the Doctor Who Experience and the Senedd, the Welsh Parliament building. For sports enthusiasts, catch a rugby match at the Principality Stadium. Finally, explore the National Museum Cardiff, showcasing art, natural history, and archaeology collections.

Alighting the bus at Penarth Windsor Terrace is worthwhile as it offers a range of things to do and see for visitors. Take a leisurely walk along this picturesque street lined with charming Victorian houses, admiring their unique architectural features and vibrant facades. Explore the variety of independent shops, boutiques, and galleries that dot the terrace, perfect for indulging in some retail therapy or discovering unique treasures. Enjoy a delightful meal or a cup of coffee at one of the cozy cafes or eateries that offer a relaxed atmosphere. The terrace’s proximity to Penarth Esplanade and Pier allows visitors to take a scenic stroll along the waterfront and soak in the beautiful views of the Bristol Channel.

Relax on the picturesque pebble beach or soak up the sun on the grassy areas. Penarth Pier, meanwhile, is an iconic structure with a charming pavilion that hosts events and offers breathtaking views. Indulge in delicious food and drinks at the various cafes and restaurants dotted along the Esplanade. The more adventurous can enjoy water sports or hire a boat to explore the coastal waters.

How to get here...

By Megabus from London, The Midlands and the North to Cardiff or by Transport for Wales services from Birmingham and all parts of Wales to Cardiff or by Great Western from London and Cross Country Trains, East Midlands Trains from the Midlands and the North. Cardiff Bus provide frequent services from Cardiff and the surrounding areas to/from the Welsh capital city.

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