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77, Tonbridge to West Malling and Maidstone Hospital

Castle crowning glory on a journey meandering Medway sojourn - of gothic splendour and sculpture, crazy golf and much more!


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5 places to visit

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Journey Duration:

56 minutes

Route Frequency:

2 services daily, Mondays to Fridays only

Starting point:

Tonbridge Station Lidl, Bus Stop I

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Journey fact:

In 1983, Tonbridge made history by hosting the World Custard Pie Throwing Championship, a whimsical event that drew participants from around the globe. Contestants competed to hurl custard pies at each other, aiming for maximum accuracy and splatter. Despite its eccentric nature, the championship gained popularity and became an annual tradition, adding a playful twist to the town's cultural heritage.

Journey Overview

The vibrant Tonbridge High Street with its mix of chains and independent stores is left behind as the bus makes its way past the delightful Tonbridge Castle on the left, firstly crossing the River Medway, then not long after the lovely grounds of the prestigious Tonbridge School.

Onwards the journey unfolds, past the lovely St. Andrew’s Church with fields and stables on the right, then greenery both sides of the bus as it approaches Hadlow Square. This really is a wonderful journey, as pretty houses with well manicured gardens shield the charming Hadlow Park behind on the left and cricket pitch opposite.

The bus bends its way through Goose Green, then the picturesque Church of St. Lawrence can be seen in the slight distance before farmland straddles both sides of the road until a more urban landscape appears in King’s Hill, a chic, modern residential location with plush, well-kept houses.

The view from the window is great and Manor Park Country Park, with its lush pastures, shrubland and greenery appears just before West Malling with its hustle and bustle, fab architecture and range of artisan cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Larkfield is the other side of West Malling, with its renowned leisure centre just the other side of the M20, but the bus is now heading south, down Hermitage Lane, with a large field on the left and pretty houses opposite. Into Barming, the bus makes its way, stopping at the railway station before arriving at its final destination, Maidstone Hospital.

A Fab Day Out!

In Tonbridge, start your adventure by exploring the historic Tonbridge Castle, a magnificent medieval fortress with scenic gardens and fascinating exhibitions. Wander along the picturesque River Medway and indulge in a riverside stroll or a boat ride. Discover the town’s vibrant High Street, lined with charming shops, cafes, and restaurants, ideal for leisurely shopping and dining. It’s worth enjoying some fun at the epic, crazy, dinosaur themed adventure themed golf course in the town centre

Tonbridge also hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, including markets, fairs, and concerts, ensuring there’s always something exciting happening in this charming town.

Next, get on the bus to Hadlow and marvel at the stunning Hadlow Tower, also known as May’s Folly, a remarkable Gothic structure offering panoramic views from its top. Discover the quaint charm of Hadlow village with its historic buildings and charming pubs.

Continue your journey to West Malling, where you can explore the quaint High Street lined with independent shops, cafes, and restaurants. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the picturesque Cascade and enjoy a leisurely walk amidst nature.

Finally, arrive in Barming, where you can explore the idyllic Barming Heath Nature Reserve, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and hikers. Take a stroll through the scenic countryside or relax with a picnic in the peaceful surroundings and also visit the delightful St. Margaret’s Church.

This really is a treat of a journey with so much to see and do for all ages and tastes!


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