610 Luton – Harpenden

Luton - Harpenden (journey continues to Hatfield and Cockfosters)

Experience a brisk and delightful glimpse of Bedfordshire's beauty on a captivating bus route, passing through the bustling town of Luton, charming historic Harpenden, Hatfield, Potters Bar, and finally arriving in Cockfosters, where the Piccadilly line begins on the London Underground into the capital, with highlights including scenic countryside, Stockwood Park and its museums, idyllic Kinsbourne Green, vibrant gardens, quaint cottages, boutique shops, and the captivating Georgian architecture of Harpenden.

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4 places to visit

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24 minutes

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Luton Station Interchange

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Harpenden is home to a remarkable tree known as the "Batford Oak." This ancient oak tree, estimated to be around 800 years old, stands tall in Batford Springs Nature Reserve.

Journey Overview

A brisk but delightful glimpse of Bedfordshire beauty, top and tailed with the bustling, cosmopolitan town of Luton and charming historic Harpenden! This is a route that carries on, winding its way across the country through Hatfield and Potters Bar before arriving in Cockfosters, the start of the Piccadilly line on London Underground into the Capital.

It’s a fab route in entirety, but particularly the section between Luton and Harpenden as the bus leaves behind the energy of the town and finds its way surrounded by trees and undulating hills and fields and Stockwood Park and its two museums displaying collections of local social history, archaeology, geology and rural crafts. It’s a fabulous country setting, with perfectly manicured gardens and hedgerow. The bus, though is on its way, plunged deep into Hertfordshire countryside and very soon, secluded, idyllic Kinsbourne Green and views of the lovely common and this pretty hamlet, with its quaint cottages and vibrant gardens. Harpenden then beckons – the sight of quaint independent and boutique shops with the fab Georgian architecture catches the eye, exuding timeless elegance. The bus makes its way onwards to the railway station and it’s a really enthralling passage through this delightful small town.

A Fab Day Out!

Before boarding the bus in Luton, there’s plenty to see and do. Begin by visiting the iconic Wardown Park, with its beautiful lake, serene gardens, and the fascinating Wardown Park Museum. Explore the diverse cultures at The Hat Factory Arts Centre, featuring exhibitions, performances, and workshops. For shopping enthusiasts, the Mall Luton provides a variety of retail options. Delight in the vibrant atmosphere of Luton Market, brimming with fresh produce, international cuisine, and unique goods. Immerse yourself in the town’s history by visiting Luton Hoo, a grand mansion set amidst stunning parkland. Luton also hosts lively festivals throughout the year, showcasing music, arts, and cultural celebrations. From August 2023, there’s also Premier League football too!

Boarding the bus, it’s really recommended to stop off around 8 minutes later at the fabulous Stockwood Discovery Centre which offers an array of activities and attractions to engage visitors. Begin by exploring the museum’s fascinating exhibitions, which showcase the rich heritage and cultural history of the region. Discover ancient artifacts, archaeological finds, and interactive displays that bring the past to life.

Step outside into the sprawling Stockwood Park, where tranquility reigns. Admire the meticulously designed gardens, bursting with colorful flowers, fragrant herbs, and lush greenery. Take leisurely strolls along the winding paths, marvel at the sculptures dotted throughout the park, and find secluded spots to relax and soak in the natural beauty.

For those seeking family-friendly fun, the Discovery Galleries provide interactive exhibits and hands-on activities that captivate the young and young-at-heart. Engage in educational play and learn about topics such as geology, local history, and wildlife.

The Walled Garden within Stockwood Park is a horticultural delight, with its carefully tended flower beds, vegetable patches, and sensory plants. Discover the tranquility of the Sensory Garden, where fragrances, textures, and colors stimulate the senses.

The Discovery Centre also hosts a variety of events, workshops, and special exhibitions throughout the year, catering to different interests and age groups. From art exhibitions and craft fairs to gardening workshops and seasonal celebrations, there’s always something new and exciting happening at the Stockwood Discovery Centre. There’s also a fabulous café too!

Soon, the bus arrives in Harpenden, revealing its unique allure. Marvel at the exquisite Georgian architecture of The George, an elegant hotel that stands as a testament to the town’s historical significance. Stroll through the charming town center, where a blend of quaint shops, cozy cafes, and inviting pubs await.

A visit to Harpenden wouldn’t be complete without immersing yourself in the natural splendour of the area. Take a leisurely walk in Rothamsted Park, enveloped in tranquility and verdant greenery.

Harpenden’s allure extends to its cultural offerings. Explore the Harpenden Public Halls, a hub for art, music, and theatrical performances that will enthrall your senses. Delight in the town’s culinary scene, sampling delicious fare at the local restaurants, bistros, and traditional pubs.

Gateway to the 710

By train to Luton from the North and East Midlands and London St. Pancras International (on East Midlands Railway). Or, from Surrey, Sussex and London St. Pancras International (on Govia Thameslink Railway).

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Places to visit & things to do on this journey

Wardown Park and Museum

The Hat Factory Arts Centre

Mall Luton

Stockwood Discovery Centre and Park Gardens

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The Blow Downs Bimble


Luton Railway Station

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