547 Gourock Open Top Tour

Greenock - Largs

There’s no better way to enjoy spectacular views of the Firth of Clyde than on the 547 open-top bus which winds its way along the A78, straddling the beautiful coast between Greenock and Largs.

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24 minutes

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Hourly, Summer Sundays only

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Greenock is home to the world's first container terminal. The container terminal was established in the 1960s at the Greenock Ocean Terminal and revolutionized the shipping industry. It allowed for the standardized transport of goods in large metal containers, which greatly increased efficiency and reduced shipping costs. Today, container terminals are found in almost every major port around the world, but it all began in Greenock.

Journey Overview

Leaving Greenock, the bus makes its way to Greenock, with a fab vantage point over the water, looking towards the stunning Holy Loch and Dunoon. Then onwards to Wemyss Bay, first glancing down onto beautiful Inverkip Bay. With the breeze from the mountains on one side and sea on the other, finding its way onto the open top seats upstairs, the bus approaches the serenity of Lunderston Bay and then its denouement at Largs. The town’s seafront is lined with colourful buildings, cafes, and shops, while a palm tree-lined promenade offers stunning views of the sea and nearby islands. Largs is referred to by its locals as Scotland’s Costa del Sol, as it hosts many beach bars, ice cream parlours, and amusement arcades.

Gateway to the 547

By McGill’s Clyde Flyer 901, 906 or 906X from Glasgow Buchanan Street bus station and other city centre stops in Glasgow or by rail from Glasgow Central.

A Fab Day Out!

There’s so much to cram in on a day out wrapped around this fabulous bus journey. Even before boarding, Greenock has plenty to offer. The town has a rich maritime history and was once a major shipbuilding centre. Customers can see the impressive Titan Clydebank crane, which was used to build ships on the Clyde, and the Custom House, which now serves as a cultural hotspot. Greenock also has several parks and gardens, including the impressive Greenock Cut, which offers panoramic views over the town and the river.

Onto the bus to McInroy’s Point, which is a ferry terminal that connects Greenock to Dunoon on the Cowal Peninsula. The point offers stunning views over the Clyde estuary and the surrounding hills. Folk can take a ferry to Dunoon and explore this idyllic town, which has several cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Back on-board and to Lunderston Bay – a beautiful sandy beach located on the outskirts of Gourock. The bay has a picnic area, a children’s play area, and a cafe, making it a popular spot for families. Customers can also take a walk along the shore and enjoy the stunning views of the Clyde estuary and the surrounding hills.

The adventure continues, this time to Wemyss Bay with its beautiful beach, pier, and several cafes and restaurants. It’s great to walk through the Wemyss Bay Gardens – the gardens have several exotic plants and trees, including palm trees, and offer stunning views over the Firth of Clyde.

Finally, to Largs with its long promenade, several beaches, and a marina. Visitors can explore the town’s historic buildings, including the 13th-century Skelmorlie Aisle, which is located in the town’s churchyard. Largs also has several cafes, restaurants, and shops, making it a popular destination for tourists.

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