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221, Belfast – Ballymena, Portrush, Giant Causeway

Belfast -Ballymena, Portrush, Giant Causeway

Experience the ultimate scenic journey on the 221 bus, featuring stunning views of the Causeway Coast, passing iconic landmarks like Dunluce Castle and Bushmills, all while enjoying captivating modernity, heritage, a distillery, museums, seaside serenity, and the world-renowned Giant's Causeway.

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7 places to visit

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Journey Duration:

1 hour 35 minutes

Route Frequency:

2 services daily

Starting point:

Belfast Europa Buscentre

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Journey fact:

Portrush is home to one of the world's oldest recorded surfers. In 1912, local man William 'Wheels' Cunningham was seen riding waves using a modified coffin lid, predating modern surfing in the area by decades.

Journey Overview

Grab a window seat on the left-hand side of the bus as this is the hottest ticket around on a stunning scenic journey that enjoys spectacular views of the amazing Causeway Coast and passes the iconic Dunluce Castle and Bushmills. It’s a trip that packs in captivating modernity, heritage, a distillery, museums, seaside serenity and world-renowned scenery! 

The 221 is a trip that leaves fascinating Belfast behind, taking in eye-catching riverfront views through Laganside, to reveal a tapestry of charming villages, quaint cottages and the sight of the Antrim Coast emerging into view as the bus heads towards the seaside delights of Portrush. Spectacular cliffs rise majestically from foamy waves and sandy beaches glisten under the sun’s embrace – this is a trip like no other!

The journey culminates in one of Northern Ireland’s most famous landmarks, the Giant’s Causeway where scenic thrill-seekers can marvel at the surreal rock formations, a geological wonder consisting of hexagonal basalt columns that seem to have been sculpted by giants.

Throughout the journey, the ever-changing Irish weather casts a magical spell on the scenery. Misty mornings, gentle rain, or sunny afternoons paint the landscape in different hues, creating an ethereal atmosphere that captivates the hearts of all who embark on this unforgettable bus ride.

A Fab Day Out!

Embark on a captivating journey on the 221 bus, connecting Belfast City Centre with the enchanting Giant Causeway and exploring an array of fascinating places along the way. Starting in Belfast City Centre, soak in the vibrant atmosphere, visit historic landmarks like the Belfast City Hall, and delve into the city’s rich culture and shopping scene at Donegal Square North.

Maybe, consider making an early stop at Titanic Belfast, an impressive museum dedicated to the ill-fated RMS Titanic. Continue your adventure to Ballymena, a picturesque town renowned for its lovely parks, historic sites, and friendly locals.

The next leg takes folk to the coastal town of Portrush, where you can bask in the beauty of its sandy beaches, try your hand at water sports, or visit the Dunluce Castle ruins perched dramatically on the cliffside.

Next, the bus ventures to Bushmills, famous for its world-class whisky distillery. Take a guided tour to learn about the age-old whiskey-making process and sample some of their finest blends.

Finally, the grand finale awaits at the Giant Causeway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at the mysterious interlocking basalt columns, formed millions of years ago by volcanic activity. Stroll along the rugged coastline, breathe in the fresh sea air, and learn about the legendary tales surrounding the causeway.

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