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1 Starr Gate – Blackpool Tower – Fleetwood

Starr Gate - Blackpool Tower - Cleveleys - Fleetwood

The number 1 is the perfect service for a seafront sojourn in Blackpool.


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7 places to visit

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Journey Duration:

49 minutes

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Starr Gate

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Journey fact:

Fleetwood F.C’s ground can be spotted from the bus – it’s called ‘Highbury’ but not to be confused with Arsenal’s very famous former stadium!

Journey Overview

The number 1 is the perfect service for a seafront sojourn in Blackpool. It connects the glorious seaside peninsula, cutting south to north, or whatever direction you so choose, right through the heart of this majestic and fun-filled, down-to-earth seaside resort. Be it some ‘kiss me quick’ fun, the bright lights of a night out or the world famous Illuminations, every single journey is an adventure on this bus with something novel and quirky to see and savour. What’s more, upstairs on this double-deck provides the most wonderful and at times serene views over the glorious beach and North Sea below.

Starting it’s journey at Starr Gate, the number 1 passes the Pleasure Beach with its renowned fairground and home of ‘The Big One’, the tallest rollercoaster in the UK – a ride which reaches 65m and has a first drop measuring 62m! Not for the faint-hearted, nor some of the other rides here and a more relaxing jaunt can be found as you make your journey further on the 1, past the delightful South, Central and North Piers, with Madame Tussaud’s on the right, in the heart of the bustling town centre and it’s exhilarating mix of retail, pubs and nightspots.

There’s a more languid feel as the bus ventures further north, still straddling the sea which looks so glistening and innocuous in summer but moody and atmospheric out of season! The Cabin & Casino Cliffs Hotel soon follows and then Norbeck Castle before the small town of Cleveleys with its delightful Anchorsholme Park and more frosty Subzero Ice Rink, which is well worth a visit. There’s coffee shops aplenty in Cleverleys as the bus comes inland slightly before going past Fleetwood Football Club and finding its way to its final stop at Fleetwood Affinity Outlet, which houses designer outlets and over 40 top brands.

A Fab Day Out!

There’s no shortage of things to do and places to see in Blackpool and the number 1 bus is the gateway to fulfilling this thirst for thrill-seeking and scenery. If you’re only here for a day, it’s all about being selective and our suggestion – assuming you’ve not got time to start your adventure trying out ‘The Big One’ or the other rides at the Pleasure Beach is to make Madame Tussaud’s your first stop. Then, a lift right up to the top of the famous Blackpool Tower is an absolute ‘must’ and an opportunity to visit the stylish Tower Ballroom and savour its elegance, possibly twirling on the dancefloor or watching others’ dance in this elegant Victorian setting. If you’re not tempted by afternoon tea, then it’s back on the number 1, past the grandious Norbeck Castle Hotel towards Cleveleys and maybe stopping off for a skate at the Subzero Ice Rink on the seafront. There’s still time to make it further to Affinity Outlet for a bite to eat or peruse round the many designer outlets before returning back to Blackpool or on the Tram, also operated by Blackpool Transport.

Gateway to Route 1:

By train to Blackpool South or Blackpool North. www.nationalrail.co.uk

By Megabus to Preston and change for the train to Blackpool South or Blackpool North.  Direct Megabus routes run to Preston from Aberdeen, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Manchester, picking up at other destinations en route

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Places to visit & things to do on this journey

Madame Tussaud’s

Norbeck Castle

Fleetwood Football Club

Fleetwood Affinity Outlet


Fleetwood Ferry

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