The Tay Bridges, located in eastern Scotland, are a set of iconic bridges that span the Firth of Tay, connecting the city of Dundee with the town of Newport-on-Tay and the surrounding regions. These bridges are not only essential transportation links but also significant landmarks in their own right.

Tay Road Bridge: The Tay Road Bridge, opened in 1966, is a remarkable structure that allows road traffic to cross the Firth of Tay. It’s a cable-stayed bridge with a total length of over two miles. The bridge provides vital access for commuters and tourists and offers stunning panoramic views of the estuary and the surrounding landscape.

Tay Rail Bridge: The Tay Rail Bridge is an iconic railway bridge with a complex history. The original bridge, which opened in 1878, tragically collapsed during a storm in 1879. A new bridge, completed in 1887, now stands in its place. This rail bridge is a vital part of Scotland’s rail network and serves as a crucial link for passenger and freight trains traveling between Dundee and the south.

The Tay Bridges are not only feats of engineering but also integral to the transportation infrastructure of the region. They offer travelers and locals breathtaking views of the Tay estuary and are significant symbols of Scotland’s engineering prowess.

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