Scarborough Castle is an imposing gatehouse unlocking 3,000 years of history from the Iron Age settlements to the Roman signal station and medieval chapel. It’s the only place in the town where folk can enjoy fantastic views of both the north and south bays on this 16 acre site.

One quirky fact about Scarborough Castle is its connection to a legendary wizard—Merlin! According to local folklore, Merlin, the famed wizard of Arthurian legend, is said to have helped build the castle’s foundations. While historical records indicate the castle’s construction in the 12th century, the legend adds a touch of whimsy to its storied past. Visitors can’t help but wonder if Merlin’s magical touch still lingers within the castle’s ancient walls, adding an enchanting layer to Scarborough’s rich history. Whether true or just a charming tale, the legend of Merlin at Scarborough Castle adds an intriguing twist to its allure.


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