The North Cliff Railway in Scarborough is a historic funicular railway that offers a scenic journey between the North Bay and the South Bay of this charming seaside town in North Yorkshire, England. Dating back to 1931, the railway has been providing visitors with a convenient and picturesque way to traverse the steep cliffside and enjoy stunning panoramic views of the coastline.

The railway operates two carriages, each capable of carrying up to 84 passengers, which travel on parallel tracks up and down the 71-metre cliffside. As you ascend or descend, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of Scarborough’s sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and the sparkling waters of the North Sea.

The journey begins at the Victoria Road entrance, where passengers board the carriages and embark on a leisurely ascent or descent along the cliffside. Along the way, informative plaques provide insights into the history and geology of the area, enhancing the experience for visitors.

Upon reaching the opposite station at the other end of the line, passengers can disembark and explore the attractions and amenities of either the North Bay or the South Bay, including beaches, cafes, and seaside promenades.

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