New Cumnock, steeped in coal mining history, offers visitors a unique journey through time, delving into the industrial roots of Scotland. The town’s mining heritage stands as a tribute to the grit and determination of its people, making it a compelling tourist attraction. Explore interactive exhibits and guided tours that vividly depict the life and work of miners, showcasing the challenges and triumphs of this pivotal industry. Visitors can immerse themselves in the evolution of mining technology, from manual labor to mechanization.

The landscape is punctuated with remnants of collieries and industrial structures, providing a tangible connection to the town’s mining legacy. Walk the heritage trails, tracing the footsteps of miners, and witness the transformation of New Cumnock from a mining hub to a vibrant community. The story of New Cumnock’s mining heritage is an educational and evocative experience, shedding light on Scotland’s industrial past and the resilience of its people.


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