Glenkinchie Distillery, nestled in the rolling hills of East Lothian, is a gem for whisky enthusiasts and curious visitors alike. Known as the “Edinburgh Malt,” Glenkinchie is one of the few remaining Lowland distilleries, producing a distinctive single malt whisky characterized by its light, floral notes.

A visit to Glenkinchie Distillery offers a rich experience that goes beyond tasting whisky. The distillery’s picturesque setting provides a serene backdrop, perfect for exploring the surrounding gardens and scenic countryside. The visitor centre, housed in a charming red-brick building, offers a warm welcome and insight into the distillery’s history and heritage.

One of Glenkinchie’s unique features is its large copper pot stills, among the biggest in Scotland, which you can see up close during a guided tour. The tour also takes you through the traditional malting, mashing, fermentation, and distillation processes, providing a comprehensive understanding of whisky production.

The highlight of the visit is the tasting session, where you can sample various Glenkinchie expressions, appreciating their subtle complexities. The on-site shop offers exclusive bottlings and whisky-related gifts, making it a perfect stop for souvenirs. Glenkinchie Distillery seamlessly combines educational tours with the pleasure of whisky tasting, making it a memorable destination for all visitors.

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