In the charming village of Darley, there’s a tapestry of experiences awaiting eager visitors. Begin your exploration with a stroll through the picturesque countryside, where rolling hills and lush greenery paint a serene backdrop. Discover the historic allure of Darley by wandering through its quaint streets lined with stone cottages, each whispering tales of yesteryears. The circular walk from the playing fields to the riverbank and back – known as ‘Who-Dun-It-Trail’ to find Lily Bo-Beep’s lost sheep is also the stuff of legends!

Visit St. Helen’s Church, a timeless gem showcasing exquisite architecture and centuries-old relics. Delight your senses at local artisan shops, where you can sample delectable treats and handcrafted treasures. For outdoor enthusiasts, Darley offers idyllic hiking trails and tranquil spots for picnics by the river. Immerse yourself in the village’s rich heritage at the Darley Heritage Centre, a treasure trove of local history.

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