Clitheroe Castle, a prominent landmark perched atop a limestone mound in the heart of Clitheroe, offers visitors a fascinating journey through history and stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Upon entering the castle grounds, visitors are greeted by the imposing keep, which dates back to the 12th century and stands as a testament to the town’s medieval heritage. Within the keep, the Clitheroe Castle Museum offers a captivating exploration of the area’s rich history, featuring exhibits on archaeology, local industry, and the castle’s role in the region’s defense.

Visitors can climb the spiral staircase to the top of the keep, where they are rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the Ribble Valley and the Forest of Bowland—an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The scenic views from the castle battlements provide an ideal backdrop for photos and offer a unique perspective on the town and its surroundings.

Throughout the year, Clitheroe Castle hosts various events and activities, including historical re-enactments, art exhibitions, and family-friendly workshops, adding to the castle’s allure as a cultural hub for the community.

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