Betty’s Tearooms stands as a beloved institution, captivating locals and tourists alike with its timeless charm and culinary delights. Since its establishment in 1919, Betty’s has epitomized the essence of traditional English tearoom culture, offering a warm and inviting haven for tea enthusiasts and food connoisseurs.

Step through the door and be transported to a bygone era of elegance and sophistication. The tearoom’s classic decor, with its polished wood panelling, Art Deco fixtures, and delicate floral motifs, exudes an air of refined nostalgia. From the gentle tinkling of china to the aroma of freshly baked scones, every detail evokes a sense of comfort and indulgence.

Betty’s menu showcases a tantalizing array of treats, from dainty finger sandwiches and savoury quiches to decadent pastries and cakes, all meticulously crafted using the finest ingredients. Indulge in a traditional afternoon tea, complete with freshly brewed blends and an assortment of delectable treats presented on tiered stands.

Beyond its culinary offerings, Betty’s is a cultural landmark, cherished for its impeccable service and enduring sense of hospitality. Whether enjoying a leisurely breakfast, a midday repast, or a celebratory afternoon tea, a visit to Betty’s Tearooms is an experience to savour—a timeless celebration of tradition, taste, and togetherness.

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