Sustainable Travel in the UK with Go Jauntly and Great Scenic Journeys

Go Jauntly and Great Scenic Journeys are launching a partnership to help inspire more people to enjoy happiness outdoors and sustainable travel experiences


In 2023, Great Scenic Journeys was created as a one-stop-shop service to promote and accredit, from a customer experience perspective, scenic public transport journeys across the UK and Eire. These routes are surrounded by both lovely countryside and fascinating places to see and visit, so it is very much a match made in heaven joining up with Go Jauntly, award-winning walking and wellness app, so that customers can be inspired to combine their bus or rail trip with a great walk.


Whilst the routes in the Great Scenic Journeys collection have been accredited by their team of reviewers in terms of the quality of customer service delivered, so too many of the walks featured in Go Jauntly’s portfolio have been verified and curated by their expert jaunters.


As part of the partnership, curated walks will be aligned to those featured within Great Scenic Journeys, so that customers can be guided on how they can incorporate a walk that best meets their preference, as part of their trip.


Hana Sutch, CEO Go Jauntly commented: ‘When we delved into the routes that are part of Great Scenic Journeys, it was evident the sheer opportunities available to combine them with one of our fabulous walking routes. We’ve spoken to many of those who enjoy using our App and are aware that they want to enjoy a good walk but also would love the opportunity to mix this with some of their day out being looking out of the window from a bus and train. With Great Scenic Journeys, we want to make it easy for them to do just this with the bonus of complementing the jaunt with excellent sustainable travel options.’


Alex Warner, CEO Great Scenic Journeys explains: ‘Walking and using public transport are so wonderfully compatible. During and since the pandemic, folk are far more appreciative of the joys of nature and also the many places to see and things to do closer to home in their own country and affordably so. There has been a realisation of the memorable, simple experiences that can be enjoyed either alone or with loved ones on a public transport journey or leisurely walk and in particular the mental health benefits, as well as the positive impact on the environment. That’s why we’re so excited to be teaming up with the Go Jauntly team, who we see as being the definitive expert jaunters!


Over the coming months, together Go Jauntly and Great Scenic Journeys will be unlocking opportunities for walking and scenic travel fun across the Great Scenic Journeys collection in a number of different and innovative ways, whilst working with various transport operators.