Waterford’s wonders are crystal clear with Expressway

History and dynamism perfectly entwine!

It’s the oldest City in Ireland and with a vibe like no other! Wonderful Waterford combines historic streets with a dynamic atmosphere to cater for everyone’s tastes. And, it’s easy to reach by Expressway’s quick, convenient and affordable coaches direct from Dublin, Limerick and other cities and towns across the Emerald Isle. Find out more about Expressway here…

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Nestled on Ireland’s south east coast, Waterford boasts a rich history, vibrant, eclectic culture and jaw-dropping landscapes. Here’s a glimpse of enchanting experiences awaiting in this most picturesque of cities.


A Crystal Palace of treasures

The historical treasures start with a visit to the world-renowned Waterford Crystal Factory.  Witness master craftsmen creating exquisite crystal pieces and explore the history of this world-renowned brand. It’s a captivating journey through the heritage of glassmaking, tracing back to 1783. Visitors immerse in a world of exquisite craftsmanship, witnessing artisans sculpt molten crystal into stunning masterpieces. The guided tour unveils the intricate process, from furnace to final polish, highlighting the fusion of tradition and innovation. The attraction’s museum boasts iconic pieces and historical exhibits, offering a glimpse into the brand’s prestigious legacy.

Viking past unveiled

Reginald’s Tower is also well worth a visit and is a great dive into the city’s Viking past. It’s an historic structure and is one of Ireland’s oldest civic buildings. There are also panoramic views from the top.


Onto the Medieval Museum, which is the home to remarkable artifacts, including the Cloth of Gold vestments. Tucked within the Waterford Medieval Museum lies a hidden gem: the beautifully preserved 13th-century Greyfriars Friary archaeology. Beneath the modern structure, remnants of this friary were unearthed during construction. The excavation revealed a trove of medieval artifacts—fragments of religious statues, pottery, and even ancient human remains. These discoveries shed light on the lives of the friars and the community that thrived centuries ago.


Another perfect Palace of delights

Waterford really is a hotbed of cultural delights and a stroll through the Viking Triangle reveals a fusion of ancient and modern attractions, including galleries, cafes, and the Bishop’s Palace Museum. This Georgian architectural gem, built in the 18th century, houses a mind-bogglingly impressive collection that chronicles the area’s cultural and historical evolution. Showcasing intricate artifacts, period furniture, and ornate silverware, the museum vividly portrays the opulent lifestyle of the elite. Folk are transported through time, exploring exhibits that detail Waterford’s craftsmanship, from exquisite glassware to notable artifacts.


Christmas, culinary and crafts

Catch a performance too at the Theatre Royal, where Rapunzel is this year’s Panto, or enjoy traditional Irish music in the city’s pubs, where local musicians strut their stuff!

There’s culinary adventures aplenty in Waterford, with fresh seafood, artisanal cheeses and locally produced delicacies. Don’t miss the Waterford Blaa, a soft, doughy bread unique to the region. Explore the various markets, like the lively Waterford City Market or the Farmers’ Market, offering a delightful array of local produce, crafts, and artisanal goods.

Yuletide fun is to be had at Waterford Winterval, an action-packed Christmas festival involving over 40 events up to and including 23rd December. From a fantastic ice-skating experience to visiting Santa in his gingerbread grotto and a magical Santa Express train ride through the heart of Winterval, there’s something for everyone, including a lovely Christmas market and magnificent illumination display. Choirs, discos, musicians, puppetry, movies and whiskey tasting – this really is the ultimate, unbeatable Christmas event! Christmas events guide (visitwaterford.com)


Escape to the great outdoors

All this festive frivolity, culture, culinary and history is great, but for a quiet retreat, Waterford Greenway offers 46 kilometres of scenic cycling and walking trails, passing through charming villages, viaducts, and breathtaking coastal scenery.


Discover the stunning Copper Coast UNESCO Global Geopark nearby, famed for its rugged cliffs, hidden coves, and geological marvels. Embedded within the Global Geopark lies an intriguing geological secret: the presence of fossilized sea lilies known as crinoids. These ancient marine creatures, resembling delicate flowers, thrived over 300 million years ago in the Paleozoic era. The cliffs and rock formations along the Copper Coast hide remnants of these enchanting organisms, preserved as fossils in the sedimentary layers.


Waterford Nature Park also offers an escape into serene parkland and is perfect for leisurely walks, picnics, and birdwatching amidst lush greenery.


Curraghmore offers more memorable moments

Meanwhile, a visit to Curraghmore House and Gardens is hugely memorable. It stands as an epitome of grandeur amidst Ireland’s landscapes. With a history dating back over 800 years, this majestic estate in County Waterford enchants visitors with its sprawling gardens, featuring enchanting woodlands, serene lakes, and meticulously landscaped grounds. The house itself, a stunning architectural marvel, echoes tales of aristocratic heritage and artistic splendour through guided tours of opulent rooms and historic treasures. From the scenic beauty of the Shell House to the serene allure of the centuries-old trees, Curraghmore embodies a harmonious blend of nature’s beauty and historical richness, inviting exploration and awe.


Waterford, with its blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, promises an unforgettable experience for visitors seeking an authentic taste of Ireland’s southeast charm. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins or savouring local flavours, this city captivates visitors with its unique allure.

The right travel decision crystalised 

It’s crystal clear why Waterford woos visitors all-year round and Expressway is the best way to get there. There’s two routes within the Great Scenic Journeys collection that serve Waterford – the Expressway Route 4 from Dublin and Route 55 from Limerick. You can find out more here….

Expressway Route 4 Dublin – Waterford – Great Scenic Journeys

Expressway Route 55 Limerick – Waterford – Great Scenic Journeys