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Expressway Route 55 Limerick – Waterford

Limerick - Waterford

The Expressway Route 55 from Limerick to Waterford is a scenic journey through rolling green hills and charming towns that offers breathtaking views of the Irish countryside, with Waterford rich in history.


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No. of Attractions:

5 places to visit

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Journey Duration:

2 hours, 22 minutes

Route Frequency:

9 services, daily

Starting point:

Limerick Bus Station

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Journey fact:

Waterford is known for its long history of glass-making. The city's glass-making tradition dates back to the late 18th century and has produced some of the world's finest crystal. Waterford Crystal is highly prized for its clarity, color, and unique designs and has been used for many prestigious events, including the New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square. The Waterford Crystal Visitor Centre is a popular tourist attraction, where visitors can learn about the history and techniques of glass-making and watch master craftsmen at work.

Journey Overview

Limerick to Waterford is a scenic journey that offers breathtaking views of the Irish countryside. This wonderful journey starts in Limerick, a historic city with a rich heritage and plenty of cultural attractions to explore. As the coach departs Limerick, customers will be greeted by rolling green hills dotted with farmhouses and cattle.

The next stop from Limerick Junction is Tipperary, a charming town known for its rich history and beautiful countryside. From Tipperary, Route 55 continues through the countryside, passing by rolling hills, lush forests, and picturesque villages. The journey then takes you through Bansha, Clonmel, Kilsheelan, Carrick-on-Suir, Piltown, Fiddown, and Mooncoin, each offering unique sights and experiences.

As the coach approaches Waterford, customers will see the River Suir flowing gently through the landscape, adding to the serene beauty of the area. Waterford is a charming city known for its rich history and stunning architecture, making it the perfect destination for those looking for a memorable trip. With its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking scenery, and friendly people along the way, the Expressway Route 55 from Limerick to Waterford is an experience that will linger in the mind for a long time, if not  forever!

A Fab Day Out!

Starting in Limerick, folk can explore the city’s rich cultural heritage, including its beautiful medieval architecture, vibrant arts scene, and world-class museums and galleries. A visit to the stunning St. Mary’s Cathedral, the impressive King John’s Castle, and the bustling Milk Market, one of the oldest and most popular markets in Ireland is also highly recommended.

Back on board the coach to Tipperary, a charming town with a rich history and beautiful countryside setting. The stunning Tipperary Castle is also worth a visit before getting on-board again to Clonmel to experience the beauty of the Suir River and visit the stunning Clonmel Cathedral, one of the most famous landmarks in the region.

Onto Kilsheelan, and a visit to the charming Kilsheelan Castle, one of the best preserved castles in Ireland. Customers can also explore the town’s rich heritage, including its beautiful medieval architecture and vibrant street life.

Finally, the journey ends in Waterford, a city with a rich maritime heritage and a vibrant arts scene. Enjoy the amazing, world-renowned Waterford Crystal Factory, the beautiful Reginald’s Tower, and the lively streets. For a more tranquil experience, explore the nearby Waterford Greenway, a scenic trail that takes visitors through the rolling hills and charming countryside of southern Ireland.

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Places to visit & things to do on this journey

St. Mary's Cathedral

King John's Castle

Tipperary Castle


Waterford, including the Waterford Crystal Factory, Reginald's Tower, and the Waterford Greenway


Limerick Bus Station

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