T2 Bangor – Aberystwyth

Bangor - Aberystwyth

Two iconic Welsh towns steeped in history are co-joined by the brilliant T2!


TrawsCymru Day Ticket £11 for adults, £7.30 for children and group ticket of £27 for up to 2 adults and 3 children

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6 places to visit

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3 hours

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7 services per day

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Bangor Bus Station Stop B

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Aberystwyth is home to one of the largest robotic telescopes in the world.

Journey Overview

This is a ‘Wow Factor’ journey from start to finish! As the bus departs from Bangor, customers are treated to a breathtaking view of the Menai Strait, separating the Isle of Anglesey from the mainland. The blue waters sparkle under the sun, and on a clear day, customers can see the towering mountains of Snowdonia in the distance.

As the bus travels along this invigorating journey, it passes through the charming town of Caernarfon, home to the historic Caernarfon Castle. The castle’s imposing walls and turrets are visible in the skyline, and as the bus passes by, customers can catch glimpses of the castle’s grandeur. The bus then makes its way through the coastal town of Porthmadog, where the views change from sea to sand. The bus passes by the sandy beaches of Black Rock Sands and the tranquil waters of the Glaslyn estuary.

The journey then takes the bus inland as it travels through the rugged and majestic landscape of Snowdonia National Park. Customers can feast their eyes on the breathtaking mountain scenery, with towering peaks and cascading waterfalls. The bus passes through the quaint village of Maentwrog, where the lush green fields and the rolling hills make for a stunning backdrop.

The journey between Gellilydan and Trawsfynydd winds its way through the beautiful and rugged Welsh countryside, offering stunning views at every turn. Gellilydan is a small village nestled in the foothills of Snowdonia National Park. The surrounding landscape is dotted with sheep farms and patches of woodland, with the imposing mountains looming in the distance.

As the road begins to climb higher, the views become even more eye-catching. The road twists and turns through narrow valleys, with rocky cliffs rising steeply on either side, this is an area of cascading waterfalls and streams tumbling down the hillsides.

As the road approaches Trawsfynydd, the scenery changes again, with the road descending into the valley floor. Customers can see the sparkling waters of Trawsfynydd Lake stretching out before them, surrounded by rolling hills and dotted with small islands. The lake is a haven for wildlife, with flocks of birds taking off and landing on its surface.

The road skirts around the edge of the lake, offering glimpses of the ruins of Trawsfynydd Abbey on the opposite shore, a haunting reminder of the area’s rich history.

As the road nears Trawsfynydd itself, the landscape becomes more rural once again, with fields and smallholdings stretching out on either side of the road. The bus then makes its way through the market town of Dolgellau, situated at the foot of the Cader Idris mountain range. Then the bus traverses the picturesque Dyfi Valley, where the gentle river and the rolling hills create a peaceful and idyllic scene.

Finally, as the bus approaches Aberystwyth, customers are treated to a glimpse of the town’s sweeping bay and the dramatic Welsh coastline. The bus passes by the bustling harbour, with its fishing boats and pleasure craft bobbing on the water. The journey comes to an end as the bus arrives at Aberystwyth Bus Station, leaving passengers with memories of a truly captivating journey through some of the best scenery in Wales. Simply awesome!

Gateway to the T2

By train from London and the Midlands to Chester and then to Bangor

A Fab Day Out!

The T2 bus journey from Bangor to Aberystwyth is not only a magnificent scenic route but also offers several enthralling places to visit and attractions to see. Starting from Bangor, there are plenty of things to see and do in this historic city. Bangor Cathedral, with its Gothic architecture and peaceful gardens, is a must-visit for history and architecture enthusiasts. The city is also home to the Bangor University Botanic Garden, with its collection of rare and exotic plants from around the world.

As the bus departs from Bangor, it passes through the charming town of Caernarfon, home to the stunning Caernarfon Castle. The castle, built in the 13th century, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of Wales’ history and culture. Visitors can explore the castle’s walls, towers, and grand halls, as well as enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

The route then takes the bus through the coastal town of Porthmadog, where visitors can take a ride on the famous and fascinating Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways. These narrow-gauge steam railways offer stunning views of the Snowdonia National Park, passing through picturesque villages and over mountain passes.

Further along the route, the bus passes through the village of Minffordd, home to the Welsh Highland Railway’s main station. Visitors can take a ride on the railway’s heritage steam trains, which run through some of the most spectacular scenery in Wales.

As the bus travels inland, it passes through the small village of Trawsfynydd, where visitors can explore the ruins of Trawsfynydd Abbey. This medieval abbey was founded in the 12th century and is now a peaceful and atmospheric spot.

The route then takes the bus through the market town of Dolgellau, which offers plenty of opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities in the surrounding mountains. Visitors can also explore the town’s historic buildings and shops, which sell locally made crafts and produce.

Finally, as the bus approaches Aberystwyth, there’s plenty in store, such as a visit to  Aberystwyth Castle, which was built in the 13th century and is a fascinating historical site. The town’s seafront promenade also offers lovely views of the Irish Sea. Folk can also take a ride on the Aberystwyth Cliff Railway, which takes them up to the top of Constitution Hill for panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside.

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Bangor Bus Station Stop B

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