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23, Maidstone to East & West Farleigh and Gouldhurst

Orchards, oasthouses, spires and serenity on an exploration through the Weald.


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5 places to visit

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Journey Duration:

1 hour, 5 minutes

Route Frequency:

4 buses daily

Starting point:

Maidstone King Street (Bus Stop L3)

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Journey fact:

In the early 20th century, Marden was known for its role in the cultivation of hops, a key ingredient in beer production. The village was home to numerous hop farms, and its annual hop-picking season attracted workers from far and wide.

Journey Overview

This is a journey that explores classic Kent countryside, starting at the vibrant but historic county town of Maidstone and traverses pretty fields, passing oast houses, quaint cottages, alongside delightful farmland, elegant independent shops and churches before its final denouement at Gouldhurst War Memorial.

The bus leaves captivating Maidstone behind and pretty quickly the view from the window is very rural as the bus winds close to the River Medway to East Farleigh, stopping opposite the charming Bull Inn, before making its way to West Farleigh, passing large country residences with expansive gardens and land. The journey is pretty remote now, flat pastures, small orchards and open fields before Yalding approaches and more houses come into view and the odd industrial setting.

Southwards the bus makes its way towards Marden, close to the delightful St Michael & All Angels Church, then Marden Library. Lovely tudor style buildings dominate the landscape, some dating back to the 15th Century! Then, its through the tranquil countryside at Winchet Hill, with Curtisden Green coming into view and gradually Gouldhurst, as timeless feel engulfs the bus. This is a journey now of rolling hills, church steeples and oast houses, punctuated by areas of woodland, resplendent of the Kentish Weald.

The architecture becomes particularly fascinating as Gouldhurst comes into view, a mix of mock-tudor houses, eye-catching cottages, a timber-framed inn beside the 12th Century church with its 150 ft high spire and oast houses overlooking the blissful village duck pond. It’s a perfectly fitting finale for a wonderful journey that provides the richest insight into the Garden of England, that is Kent!


A Fab Day Out!

Starting the day in Maidstone, customers are greeted with a wealth of attractions and activities. Explore the historic Maidstone Museum, housing a diverse collection spanning art, archaeology, and natural history. Stroll along the picturesque River Medway, where scenic views can be enjoyed and so too a boat tour to see the town from a different perspective. For shopping enthusiasts, Fremlin Walk offers a range of high street brands and independent stores.

It’s worth stopping off the bus at East Farleigh, to take a moment to admire the stunning scenery along the River Medway. East Farleigh itself is known for its picturesque setting, with charming cottages lining the riverbank and the iconic East Farleigh Bridge spanning the water. Explore the quaint streets and maybe stop for a drink or meal at one of the village’s cosy pubs or cafes.

Continuing on to West Farleigh, rural tranquillity abounds! The village is surrounded by lush countryside, offering plenty of opportunities for scenic walks and outdoor pursuits. West Farleigh also boasts several historic landmarks, including St. Mary’s Church, known for its striking architecture and beautiful stained glass windows.

Next stop, Marden, a village steeped in history and natural beauty. Explore Marden Meadow Nature Reserve, a haven for wildlife and wildflowers, perfect for nature enthusiasts and photographers. Visit Marden Church, with its impressive medieval architecture and tranquil churchyard. If you’re feeling peckish, sample some local produce at one of the village’s farm shops or cafes.

Finally, Gouldhurst awaits with its charming rural charm and stunning scenery. Discover the picturesque village green, surrounded by historic buildings and ancient trees, perfect for a leisurely stroll or picnic. For a longer stay, maybe overnight in Gouldhurst, then a visit to the enchanting Scotney Castle, which is 5 miles away in Lamberhurst is to be recommended. It’s a delightful, romantic ruin set amidst landscaped gardens and a tranquil moat. Explore the castle’s picturesque grounds, wander through the woodland trails, and soak up the serene ambiance!


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