Gold dust of a journey on The Golden Hop 122 to terrific Torquay

Perched along the stunning coastline of South Devon, Torquay beckons visitors with its blend of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant seaside atmosphere. Known as the “Queen of the English Riviera,” this charming town offers a plethora of attractions and activities for folk of all ages. The Golden Hop 122 bus from Stagecoach is an open top service that provides a truly wonderful, breezy and brilliant trip from Paignton to Torquay, then up the cliff to stunning Babbacombe. It’s one of the most popular and scenic services in the UK and provides an unrivalled view of the Riviera! Check out the crowds queuing to get on board when we were at Paignton recently…

Gold-dust views

The first thing that strikes visitors to Torquay is its breathtaking scenery. With its palm-fringed promenade, golden sandy beaches, and sparkling blue waters, the town exudes an air of timeless elegance. Take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront and soak in the panoramic views of Torbay, dotted with sailboats and yachts gliding gracefully across the waves. When the sun is out, there really is a Mediterranean feel about the place! The view from the bus window is majestic and a true delight – as shown by our snap below on one of our trips!

Crystal clear there’s so much to do here!

For those seeking adventure, Torquay offers plenty of opportunities to get out and explore the great outdoors. From hiking along the scenic South West Coast Path to kayaking or paddleboarding in the crystal-clear waters of Meadfoot Beach, there’s no shortage of activities to keep adrenaline junkies entertained. Thrill-seekers can even try their hand at coasteering, a heart-pounding adventure that involves traversing rugged cliffs and jumping into the sea below.

History buffs will delight in discovering Torquay’s rich heritage, which dates back centuries. Explore the town’s historic harbour, where you can still see remnants of its maritime past, including the iconic Victorian pier and elegant seafront buildings. Visit the Torquay Museum to learn about the area’s fascinating archaeology and geology, from its prehistoric past to its role in the English Civil War.

Modelling beauty in Babbacombe

One of Torquay’s most beloved attractions is the Babbacombe Model Village, a charming miniature world that captures the essence of rural England in exquisite detail. Wander through meticulously crafted replicas of villages, towns, seaside and countryside scenes, complete with tiny houses, bustling streets, and lush greenery. Marvel at the intricate craftsmanship and whimsical touches that bring this miniature world to life. The bus stops a stone’s throw from the entrance to this entrancing, fun-packed attraction!

The ultimate stylish trip on the Riviera 

Getting to Babbacombe Model Village from Torquay really is a delightful experience in itself. Hop aboard the scenic bus journey that winds its way along the picturesque coastline, offering stunning views of the sea and surrounding cliffs, with plush boutique hotels and restaurants overlooking the stunning sea below – as shown in our fab photo above! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as you pass through charming seaside villages and lush countryside, soaking in the beauty of the English Riviera. Waiting for the bus on your return, is one of the most becalming and enjoyable experiences, sat on one of many benches and gaze out to sea.

The not so odd way down to Oddicombe Beach

The Babbacombe Cliff Railway is well worth a trip on. Built in 1926, it provides a scenic and convenient way to travel between Babbacombe Downs and Oddicombe Beach. With a gradient of 1 in 3.8, it is one of the steepest railways of its kind in the world. Customers are treated to amazing views of the English Riviera as they ascend or descend the cliffs in the comfortable railway cars.

It’s no mystery why Torquay is so revered

In addition to its natural beauty and historical charm, Torquay has also been home to a number of famous residents throughout the years. Perhaps most notably, the legendary crime writer Agatha Christie spent much of her life in Torquay, drawing inspiration from the town’s idyllic setting for many of her novels. Fans of Christie’s work can follow in her footsteps by visiting places like the Agatha Christie Mile, which highlights locations associated with the author and her stories.

Another famous figure with ties to Torquay is the renowned explorer and archaeologist, Sir Richard Francis Burton. Best known for his travels to far-flung corners of the globe, Burton spent his childhood in Torquay and later retired to the town with his wife, Isabel. Today, visitors can learn about Burton’s fascinating life and adventures at the Torquay Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts and exhibits dedicated to his legacy.

Plain to see why the Golden Hop 122 is such a jewel

For a taste of local culture, be sure to explore Torquay’s vibrant arts scene. Visit the Princess Theatre to catch a live performance, ranging from West End musicals to comedy acts and ballet performances. Browse the galleries and studios of the Torbay Arts Collective, showcasing the work of talented local artists and artisans. And don’t miss the annual Agatha Christie Festival, a celebration of the iconic author’s life and work that draws visitors from around the world. Meanwhile, sports fans will enjoy a visit to Plainmoor, which is the home of Torquay United. The club has had a difficult season, with financial struggles, though on the pitch it managed to retain its place in the National League South and things are beginning to look up! Be sure to check out a game, once the fixtures are out, and the season starts in August. United were once in the football league and have a really passionate, friendly and large fanbase and fab history!

As the sun sets over the horizon, casting a golden glow across the sea, take a moment to savour the magic of Torquay and all it has to offer. Whether you’re exploring its stunning coastline, delving into its rich history, or simply enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of this seaside town, Torquay is sure to capture your heart and leave you longing to return again and again.

The Golden Hop 122 really is the best way to get out and enjoy the delights of Torquay, hopping off at will to visit some of the fantastic attractions or just soak in the views. To plan your scenic sojourn go to The Golden Hop 122 – Great Scenic Journeys