The grass is greener in Grassington

Where time stands still – but not the bus!

Winding roads traversing the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, stone-walls, perfectly manicured gardens, lush farmland, with horses and sheep grazing and pretty cottages as the bus approaches and crosses the beautiful River Wharfe – the 72 bus from Skipton is a trip through bygone countryside! It climaxes in Grassington, a picturesque, hidden-gem of a destination, that caps this underrated but brilliant bus journey. The views from the window are really something else!


Brilliant Blazefield’s drivers

It’s also a journey on a multi-award winning bus company, Blazefield. Here, the buses are always branded in a way that brings to life and celebrates the identity of the local community and route – this one is no different. The drivers are always really friendly too – as our Customer Experience Reviewers discovered recently. Lots of eye-contact, smiles and great advice about onward travel and the trip in general. Spot on and so says Blazefield’s Operations Director, Vitto Pizzuti – “We’re delighted our drivers received accolades, They are proud of the heritage of the 72 and live and breathe the landscape and community on this great route. We are really proud of them”

A perfect retreat

Grassington really is a charming village that offers a delightful blend of natural beauty, history and cultural richness. Surrounded by those eye-catchingly green hills and picturesque landscapes on our journey from Skipton, this quaint village is the ultimate becalming antidote to the hustle, bustle and rigours of modern day life! The famous TV series “All Creatures Great and Small” showcases some of the scenery around Grassington and this fabulous bus route and you feel as though you are plunged into the set as the journey progress through this timeless setting.

Arriving in Grassington, start your journey with a stroll through the village’s cobbled streets, where traditional stone cottages and charming shops create a timeless atmosphere.


The Grassington Folk Museum is a must-visit, providing insight into the village’s heritage and showcasing artifacts that tell the story of its past. Visitors can explore a diverse collection of artifacts, exhibits, and displays, showcasing the evolution of Grassington and its residents over the years. The museum’s curated exhibits include items ranging from traditional crafts and agricultural tools to household items, offering a tangible connection to the village’s past.


For nature fans, the nearby Yorkshire Dales National Park offers a myriad of walking trails, including the scenic Grass Wood, famous for its ancient yew trees and diverse wildlife. The River Wharfe, meandering through the village, provides a serene backdrop for riverside walks and picnics.


To savour local flavours, explore the village’s pubs and eateries, offering traditional Yorkshire fare. The Devonshire Arms, an iconic pub, is known for its cosy ambiance and hearty meals, providing a perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploration.


It’s a long way till Christmas and we’ll prompt you nearer the time 🙂 but the Grassington Dickensian Festival isn’t to be missed. It transforms the village into a festive Victorian wonderland. Carol singers, street performers, and period costumes create a magical atmosphere, making Grassington a truly enchanting destination for all seasons.


Crash, bang, wallop falls the water!

Now onto Linton Falls, which is just a five-minute walk downhill from Grassington car park. If there has been plenty of rain then standing on the bridge overlooking the falls thundering beneath can be very intense and just a little scary! They formed where a fault in the earth’s crust shifted millions of years ago, raising the limestone rocks to the north up higher than those to the south. The nearby weirs used to direct water into a big texile mill which is sadly no more, however, upstream of the Falls you will be able to see the restored hydro-electric plant. This had shut down in the 1940s and fallen into ruin, but was restored and re-opened in 2012 and is supplying electricity through water power.


Mining masterpiece of a trail

An obscure fact about Grassington is the presence of the Grassington Lead Mining Trail. While the picturesque village is often associated with its charming streets and natural beauty, it has a less-known historical connection to lead mining. The Grassington Lead Mining Trail takes visitors on a journey through the remains of an industry that once played a significant role in the local economy.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Grassington was a hub for lead mining, and remnants of this industrial past are scattered throughout the surrounding landscape. The trail guides visitors to old mine workings, shafts, and buildings, providing a glimpse into the harsh working conditions and the impact of lead mining on the community. Check out this fab website to find out more Home – The Grassington Mines Appreciation Group


Don’t skip Skipton but be sure to get on the 72

A trip on the 72 really blows those January cobwebs away (anytime of year too!). It’s a blissful sojourn across the heart of the Yorkshire Dales to a wonderfully vibrant but also charming village, surrounded by amazing countryside and great walks. Make sure you don’t skip Skipton before you board the bus, though, as there’s so much to see and do there – more of which another time, from us here at Great Scenic Journeys! To plan your trip, check out  72 Skipton – Grassington – Great Scenic Journeys