St. Martin’s Church, located in the parish of St. Martin is a historic and picturesque church that dates back to the 12th century. This charming church is a fine example of medieval architecture, featuring a combination of Norman and Gothic styles. Its sturdy stone structure and striking tower make it a notable landmark in the parish.

The church’s interior is equally captivating, with its beautiful stained glass windows, some of which are modern additions that blend harmoniously with the older elements. The windows depict various biblical scenes and saints, adding colour and spiritual depth to the serene atmosphere. The church also houses an impressive collection of ancient artifacts, including a 13th-century font and intricately carved wooden pews.

St. Martin’s Church is surrounded by a tranquil churchyard, where visitors can find graves dating back several centuries, offering a glimpse into the island’s long history. The well-maintained grounds, with their lush greenery and blooming flowers, provide a peaceful setting for reflection and remembrance.

In addition to its historical and architectural appeal, St. Martin’s Church remains an active place of worship, hosting regular services and community events. Its welcoming atmosphere and rich heritage make it a cherished part of Jersey’s cultural and spiritual landscape.

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